Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Females & Hispanics Included for DeKalb School Board?

The NAACP has made it clear to Governor Deal that the five black board members should be replaced with five black members.  According to reports a person's race was a factor when being selected/interviewed for one of the replacement spots on the DeKalb School Board.

Four of the six board members removed were females. Where are the militant feminist groups when you need them?  Can someone hurry and get a hold of Susan Sarandom or Gloria Steinem?  Better yet, please notify Anita Hill, Oprah, and Alice Walker.  Is Governor Deal not familiar with the Combahee River Collective? We need to make sure this new Board has at least four female members.

And where is GALEO (Georgia Assoc Latino Elected Officials) and MALDEF?  Afterall, Hispanics make up 10% of DeKalb students.  Do they get a Board member? 

We have so many quotas to fill I am not sure how we can successfully move from nine to seven Board members in 2014.

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