Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dunwoody to Seek Russian Advice to End Adoptions?

a good example of the Adopt-A-Spot program

UPDATE: I think the entire Adopt A Spot program should disappear.  No way should taxpayers pay for political signs or private business signs.  If you want to clean and maintain an area near your home or business, go for it.  But I don't want taxpayer funds paying for a SaveDunwoody sign or a Bill Grant Homes sign or any sign.  We have city maintenance crews now so they can maintain all the intersections.

Dunwoody has an Adopt-A-Spot program.  The idea is to reduce costs to the city by allowing an organization to get their name on a sign and keep the area looking beautiful. Bill Grant Homes is the benchmark for this.  Bill Grant has done a nice job on a couple of areas.  But leave it to the radicals to push the agenda.  I now support the complete destruction of the Adopt-A-Spot program.

The program has now taken a political turn.  When Bill Grant signs are yanked from the ground and the city picks up the tab for maintaining these intersections blame SaveDunwoody.  As we said before, we need to save Dunwoody from Save Dunwoody.

This is the sign that will lead to the elimination of the Adopt-A-Sign program

So this week a sign (way too close to the road by the way) was erected at the busy intersection of Mt Vernon Rd and Mt Vernon Way.  Of course the SaveDunwoody posse picked this location due to the excellent visibility.  This intersection is notorious for long wait times and traffic congestion.  Cars get stuck here daily, thus lots of people will see it.  Ironically this intersection needs improvements, something the SaveDunwoody people oppose.  SaveDunwoody knows this is a bad intersection for travel, yet use it to their advantage to gain eyeballs on the sign. This intersection was not chosen because it needed an immediate cleaning and beautification. 

So what do the residents of Dunwoody get in return for looking at this offensive political sign?

 To encourage citizens to adopt an area in the City of Dunwoody by installing landscape features and/or planting and maintaining grass, annuals and/or perennials. Individuals, organizations, associations, groups or businesses, hereafter called groups, will agree to keep the designated area clear of litter and weeds for a minimum of two years. In exchange, a sign bearing their name will be posted in the area. At the completion of the time period, the volunteers will receive a special certificate of appreciation and may renew their agreement.
So SaveDunwoody can go buy two bales of pine straw at Ace for a total of $8 and be done.  And for the next two years drivers have to look at this crap of a sign.

One guy at the city approves the signs.  If he feels intimidated or fears a lawsuit, he will approve the sign.  Today I called The Oasis Good Time Emporium and spoke to the manager.  DunwoodyTalk offered  to pay 50% of the sign cost for his new sign going in at the WOVER intersection (Womack at Vermack).  The application will be submitted tomorrow.  If it does not get approved he will put up a legal fight.  The manager at the Pink pony has not called back yet, but the offer is good for him as well. 


Sarah said...

You're on a roll, neighbor!

Anonymous said...

If the sign is too close to the road, blame the City because they are the ones that installed it. And why is it that the distance is an issue with only this sign? Did anyone bother to measure ALL the signs, or as is the usual case, are you just picking on this one? Can it be because the "Dunwoody Click" (gang) just cannot tolerate any opposition! Why is it acceptable for a private business, Bill Grant Homes, to advertise with the citizens paying for fancy signs and at no cost to that business and yet when the citizens who pay the bill for all these signs choose to speak out, it is portrayed as some sort of crime! If the poeple cannot speak out, that is T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y -- the very reason there is a need for this sign!