Thursday, March 7, 2013

Banana Nut Crunch and Dunwoody Baseball

The DunwoodyTalk staff needs to take a break from school issues.  Next item on the agenda is Post cereal Banana Nut Crunch.  This is the go-to choice in the break room at our office.  We wait and wait for Publix to put it on sale (Buy One Get One = 50% off).  Well, it happened for a couple days this week, but there is a problem; it is apparent others in Dunwoody like this cereal.

the empty slot on this shelf is the space for Banana Nut Crunch

On two consecutive days a staff member has visited Publix with no success.  A brief consultation with the stock boy (the stock boy was actually a female, but 'stock girl' does not sound right so we will stick with the sexist language of stock boy) brought no results except a suggestion for a rain-check.  So a rain-check it is.

It's nearly spring and that means baseball.  We are just weeks away from the Pittsburgh Pirates jumping out to an early lead in their division, then the much anticipated trade deadline where Pirate management trades every pitcher with more than 7 wins on the season and every hitter averaging over .250 (except McCutchen).  It also means baseball in Dunwoody.  I stopped by and watched a few innings of middle school baseball at Dunwoody Park (soon to be the home of the new Austin Elementary school after a land swap with the school district,in the event the independent school district effort fails).  After being critical of the baseball program in the past I have come to terms with it.  Let's keep baseball in Dunwoody.  Much better than soccer.

Peachtree Middle School defeated St Pius

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the baseball shout-out. If I'm right, it is the only recreational sports program on Dunwoody parks and recreation property, but the red shirts probably don't like that. There should be more youth sports opportunities in City parks. We all know where the suitable acreage is, but watch out for the red shirt crowd.