Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Need to Save Dunwoody from Save Dunwoody

Yes, the title of this post is a tad confusing.  In summary, the gypsy group known as Save Dunwoody threatens the civility of the Dunwoody community, and normal people in Dunwoody are encouraged to look deeper at rogue groups such as Save Dunwoody and Friends of Brook Run. Don't be fooled due to a catchy name - we are Smarter than that. These two groups have done a good job in looking into projects and government spending, but that does not translate into these groups being the final say in what happens in Dunwoody.  It is nice to see local involvement, but sad to see people concerned only with keeping a wooded part of the park to themselves.

Using a typical tactic from Leftist groups on the national scene, local residents have attached themselves to 'groups' with names that are meant to touch our Dunwoody hearts.  After all, who in their right mind opposes any group with 'Save' or 'Friends' in the title?

Here are a few gems of the past - all with such touching names:

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Patriot Act
Fairness Doctrine
Farm Security Act
Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act
Recovery Act
American Jobs Bill Act
Citizens for Dunwoody

And now we have Save Dunwoody and Friends of Brook Run. For those of you members of the Red Shirt Posse, go to the 9:30 mark of  video from Monday's Work Session and see your leader on video   You followers with signs in your yard must be so proud of Jimmy.

During Jimmy's egress rant, he makes a comment that the police chief is probably at home, as he is not a "citizen" (did Jimmy mean Chief Grogan is here illegally from Mexico or not a resident of Dunwoody?). I've heard a couple of remarks questioning if our police chief should be required (as a condition of employment) to reside in the city limits. Residency requirements have held up in court as long as the city can display some rational basis for such a provision.  What rational?  Perhaps emergency calls is a top issue.  We don't really have bad weather here so not much worry of the chief or police officers not being able to make it to work due to a blizzard.  Many people think having the chief and police officers living in the community, being an integral part of the community they serve and protect.  One person recently asked me if police officers had their own children walking across busy streets in front of schools would we have Dunwoody police in front of schools? I don't think that's the case.  The chief says there is not enough staff to have an officer at each school in the morning.  If council said they wanted an officer at each school, there would be no police anywhere else during that time, based on current staff levels.

I have no issue with the chief not being 'a Dunwoody citizen' as Jimmy phrased it.  If the chief and the other officers choose to live in the city - great.  Bottom line is the chief can do his job no matter if he lives in Dunwoody, Douglasville, Dalton, or Dahlonega.  If they choose not to live in Dunwoody - no problem with that either. The officers have take-home cars so not sure if there is a mileage limit or not. We don't require our school principals or teachers to live in the city or county, so no need for law enforcement to live here.
Jimmy, please know there is always an officer at council meetings and work sessions.  And should you fail to be respectful and keep your mouth closed (except for your three minutes of public comment) I hope you are removed from every meeting. Most people are not entertained by your antics and most are not believers in your message.
Now that the issue of the chief being a citizen is over, let's get back to the Saviors.  First, Friends of Brook Run.  A friend is one attached to another by affection or esteem. So those of us wanting improvements to Brook Run are not 'friends' of the park?  Many residents do care about the 100 acres referred to as a park, and these residents want to be friends with a park, but it's hard to be friends with a moldy old theater, a trashed dormitory, and a  polluting dog park filled with canine-urine soaked leaves. It's been discussed here before - the REAL reason a small group strongly opposes the trail at Brook Run is because trees will be cut.  And these trees are near their homes. 1000+ signatures?  I'll need an auditor to review those.  Probably 200 or so people who pay taxes in Dunwoody - leaving 49,800 who did not sign it.

And why do certain media give coverage to a random group of folks who met once and posed for a picture in front of someone's house?  Is that all it takes to become a news source and expert on deciding the fate of our city's largest 'park'?  Maybe I will throw a keg of Hoegaarden on ice, make some of my excellent salsa, sync my i-phone with my Sonos 5, invite my fantasy Football buddies over (yes, I am the 2012-13 champion, thank you), elect a president, treasurer, and secretary, then make up a group name.  Maybe Families for Brook Run or Dads of Dunwoody or FunWoody Fans. We can take a photo in my backyard of our group, then send press releases to The Crier, Dunwoody Patch, The Neighbor, and the Dunwoody Reporter.  And may as well send the press releases to our cut n' paste bloggers for extra coverage. Our group will be in favor of improving Brook Run, in favor of intersection improvements, and perhaps favor some economic development.


Sacajawea said...

As a founder of the advocacy group Friends of Brook Run Park, I can assure you that the loud mouth fool at Monday night's City Council meeting was in no way whatsoever associated with our group. We do not know him and have never had any contact with him. Further, we are not in anyway affiliated with the red shirt or red hat group, nor with the Tea Party, Democrats or Republicans or any politically oriented groups. And lastly we are FOR trails in Brook Run park and FOR responsible development of amenities or activities in the park. It is city officials who have tried to falsely accuse us of being anti-everything in the park. This is part of their efforts to discredit our legitimate conerns about their wasteful, unsafe and destructive 12-foot concrete trail.

Travis Reid said...

BRAVO!!!!! Couldnt of said it better myself! Was at the meeting firsthand and saw Jimmy's tirade. It was embarrassing not only for him, but the whole meeting. I've never witnessed anything so juvenile. But this is the mentality of Save Dunwoody. It's not a matter of saving Dunwoody. It's keeping Dunwoody within their views. And god help you if you object. After I spoke at that meeting in favor of Brook Run, 3 ladies just couldn't believe I was in favor. Seriously, when do we take this city back?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for standing up and representing the many Dunwoody residents who do not agree with this group. They remind of toddlers who throw temper tantrums when they do not get their way.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of creating a Dads for Dunwoody advocacy group. Maybe our signature garb will have black and white stripes (kinda like a referee). We can bring whistles and yellow flags to council meetings. We will cite the Save Dunwoody folks for "delay of game", "blocking below the waist" and "intentional grounding"

Anonymous said...

Italian Patriots for Dunwoody

We gave you our food.

Sacajawea said...

It is clear that you really have no idea about what the Friends of Brook Run Park are trying to... it's always easier to shoot your fool mouth off from a position of ignorance. Take some time and learn about the problems with the city's planned trail...learn about the alternative trail suggested by the Friends of Brook Run...and try not to be a smug sophmoric blogger, we've got tons of them already.

Anonymous said...

Too funny Saajawea. According to Sac's own bio (click his name to read it yourself):

"I am an increasingly grumpy retired guy who enjoys writing for writing's sake...I have no ax to grind, no philosphy to spread, no point to make other than the story itself."

"Comments are welcome, but try not to beat me up about some aspect of the's just too annoying to put up with that kind of crap in something that is done just for fun."

Clearly it is Do as I Say Not as I Do mentality. This type attitude is why groups like this are ignored. You are no better than Jimmy The Crazy red Shirt. Once again a group leader shows his true colors.

DunwoodyTalk said...

Hey Sac. Thanks for the comment. I had a bet with someone that it would take less than 12 hours for the first personal attack comment to come in. You just won me a six-pack of Hoegaarden, available from Dunwoody's local beverage shop, conveniently located behind Village Burger.

Sophomoric blogger? I'm in my 3rd year blogging so that puts me as a junior blogger. Next step is senior, then I advance to King John status.

I have taken all the time I need to know what your intentions are for Brook Run. And please know my intention is to have Brook Run filled with children playing on no less than five sports fields, riding bikes, and being active kids. And maybe a chicken coop or two beside the green houses.

Anonymous said...

Kim I find it quite odd that you are so concerned about Dunwoody when you actually reside in Brookhaven. Odd behavior indeed. What is your agenda? Perhaps you have recently moved and I am just unaware of the relocation. Enlighten us please.