Friday, February 15, 2013

The Secret of the Wood at Brook Run

So there he was, strolling down Peeler Road.  The Man in the Yellow Suit had a fancy strut, unlike most others in this town.  His walk was more suitable for the likes of Buckhead or even Decatur, but not TreeGap Dunwoody.  He whistled a familiar tune as he walked.

The Man in the Yellow Suit was looking for a young girl to get home from Dunwoody Elementary School. Her name?  Winnie Foster. She lived in the Big House in Lakeview Oaks, a small influential community in Treegap Dunwoody.  Winnie knew a secret, and the Man in the Yellow Suit wanted that secret!

Winnie met an eccentric family living here in Treegap Dunwoody.  The family was old school type.  The kids in this odd family used MySpace, not Instagram or Facebook.  The dad was a laborer, not owning a suit or a necktie.  And the mom, Mae Tuck, was strange too - she stayed home and did motherly tasks like cooking and sewing, and did not play on an ALTA team.  This was the Tuck family.  They have been known around these parts off and on, coming and going.  Rumor was they were descendants of the Puritans or English Calvinists or something like that.  They had left Pennsylvania Dutch country and relocated to what was once rural farm land in Georgia, a place now called Treegap Dunwoody.

And now Winnie knew their secret - the secret of the spring, hidden deep in the Wood of Brook Run. The water of this spring provided life forever. The County of DeKalb and City of Treegap Dunwoody had unknowingly helped keep the Tuck family secret by ignoring the Wood for years.  But now, with planned improvements for the Wood, surely someone, perhaps a lumberjack tackling the massive timbers of the Wood, would find the spring.  The Tuck family could not have that happen.  Jessie Tuck, the elder son of the Tuck family, was a strong and well-chiseled young man.  He used his backwood swagger on young Winnie, and filled her mind with stories of horror regarding the destruction of the Wood.  Young Winnie shared these tales with her grandmother, a FarmHouser in great standing in Treegap Dunwoody.  The blue-hair grandma swung into action, calling all Red Shirts, Red Hats, bridge partners, gardening mates, and even members of the esteemed DWC and DPT.  Soon it seemed nearly everyone in Treegap Dunwoody opposed any changes to the Wood.  Jessie Tuck's plan was a success.

But along came the Man in the Yellow Suit, whistling that tune again.  The tune resembled a little ditty his great grandmother taught him.  It was a simple tune from a special music box.  And the Man in the Yellow Suit heard the music box somewhere.  Was it at the Enchanted Forest store by Publix?  Did he hear it at Marlow's? No, it was coming from an area close to the skate park in Treegap Dunwoody.  Closer yet, it was coming from deep in the Wood, past the garden, past the orchard, past the peeing dogs - it came from in the Wood.

Would the Man in the Yellow Suit find the magical spring?  Can Winnie and her grandmother stop all people from entering the Wood?

The spring meant children would forever play in the former Wood.  Discovery of the spring promised laughter and playfulness for all who came upon the once-guarded Wood.  Jesse needed a new plan.  No way can the people of Treegap Dunwoody deal with children and adults living an active lifestyle.  What will Jesse do next?  Will Winnie be an accomplice, or will she look past Jesse's defense of the Wood and open the spring to all?

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Anonymous said...

Bravo - I so appreciate your clever take on all things City of Dunwoody/School/Government related - you have quite a knack for making a point! So many hard-working people have tried and continue to try to improve the "backwoods" image that is Dunwoody and they are held hostage by a minority vocal who truly LIVE to keep Dunwoody in the dark ages. We have pitiful recreation facilities and the village should be renamed "Parking lot o' banks"! Where is the soul, the parks, the great restaurants, the progressive improvements that we see in EVERY community around us? We are held up by backward, self-righteous, time-wasting scrooges. If we let them continue un-challenged, Dunwoody will be exactly what they want - a big fat ZERO at the bottom of the "Greatest Places to Live in America" list.

Do Dunwoody a favor - continue to fight the good fight, we need more citizens like you!