Friday, February 1, 2013

Ready Mix Concrete Truck Wreck in Sandy Springs

So what happens when a truck weighing approximately 60,000 pounds allegedly takes a corner too fast?  It flips over and traffic in Dunwoody becomes a nightmare.  Thus was the case last night (Jan 31, 2013).

The truck tipped over conveniently during rush hour, in front of a Sandy Springs fire station.  I am not sure of the condition of the driver (he is alive, I know that much), but no other vehicles were involved.

The Sandy Springs police took quick action.  They had at least three officers working traffic control.  First they closed Spalding northeast bound from Pitts Rd to Roberts, making all drivers turn left onto Pitts Rd and cross over GA 400 to Sandy Springs.  Those of you driving on Pitts from Sandy Springs had to turn right onto Spalding, headed toward Chamblee Dunwoody Rd to Dunwoody's most dangerous intersection.

Sandy Springs also had cones and an officer (yes, they actually get out of their cars in Sandy Springs to direct traffic) at Roberts and Spalding/Dunwoody Club.  Those headed north on Roberts Dr from Dunwoody Village area had to turn right onto Dunwoody Club or Spalding.  I am sure 78% of those people got lost.  There appeared to be room for vehicles to continue north on Roberts for GA 400 (at least until the cranes started to lift the truck) but that's not what the person in charge decided was safest.

In summary, traffic was a mess, but the police were there to keep cars moving away from the scene.

Lifting a truck full of Ready Mix is no easy task, but the heavy-duty mobile cranes did the job.  Some onsite engineering by the crane operator was worth the price of admission.