Friday, February 8, 2013

Michael Thurmond DeKalb Superintendent Speech

Michael Thurmond ran for US Senate a few years ago.  He lost to Johnny Isakson.  Below is a speech Thurmond delivered down at the Capitol.  In an effort to save Superintendent Thurmond some time and money, we have edited the speech for him.  He should deliver this speech this Monday morning from the Capitol, with Governor Deal, the DeKalb Delegation, and John My Other Government Supplemented Vehicle is a Barge..

(The original text of his speech is HERE)
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At its core, Washington  the DeKalb School System is broken.
There is a desperate need for fundamental change in the way the people’s business is being conducted in our nation’s capital schools and central office.  Middle class All DeKalb students and families are suffering from the effects of the worst educational financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression  Dark Ages. As I speak, five one hundred thousand Georgians DeKalb students and fifteen million Americans are unemployed 699,893 DeKalb residents are suffering from a poorly managed school system.  The American people of DeKalb are literally crying out for principled, common sense leadership, but unfortunately many in Washington DeKalb have turned hyper-partisan, deaf ears to their needs and concerns. 

Even more troubling, a recent Wall Street Journal AJC poll revealed that approximately eighty percent of Americans DeKalb residents do not trust the federal government DeKalb School System. In the U.S. Senate As your new Superintendent I will work to create a smarter, more efficient government school system focused on solving, not creating problems for the American DeKalb people. In order to address this crisis in leadership we must have new vision, new leadership and a new direction.

While it is true that we should look forward and not dwell in the past, it is also important to remember how America DeKalb got into the mess in which it finds itself today: failed economic policies rooted in disregard for meaningful regulation of financial markets rules as put forth by the GA Department of Education, that allowed greedy, reckless Wall Street DeKalb fat cats to drive our economy school system into the ground.  The stark reality is that America’s working DeKalb's students and families are paying a very high price--- losing their homes values, their jobs chances to attend college, and their financial educational future because Wall Street some members of the school board, past superintendents, and Washington central office employees conspired against the interests of working men and women children, parents, and taxpayers.

As the nation school system begins to recover economically and ethically, we must take bold action to ensure such a crisis never happens again.  That means fighting to create new jobs eliminate non-classroom jobs and spur  economic educational growth. It means creating a fairer tax teacher and staff evaluation system that rewards achievement and entrepreneurship while eliminating wasteful positions and bad teachers. It means investing in infrastructure and in good, new private sector jobs teachers, administrators, and supporting staff.  It means focusing education and training on worker  student preparation for occupations that are in demand.  And it means putting an end to fiscal irresponsibility, reducing and eliminating the federal school system deficit and returning our country county schools to the fiscal discipline that generated record budget surpluses sufficient funds to operate a successful district a decade ago and a rising standard of education of living.

It will be difficult if not impossible to make the tough decisions that must be made unless we replace those who, today, stubbornly cling to the status quo, even when it is clear that change is necessary for survival of the American way of life DeKalb School System.

But we cannot build a brighter future unless we first begin to build bridges of cooperation that will span the red state blue state south DeKalb north DeKalb divide.  We cannot continue to rely on the old regime of Washington DeKalb insiders whose first inclination is to say “No” to smart economic educational policies that come down on the side of Main Street instead of Wall Street Woodrow Road.

My campaign role as superintendent for the U. S. Senate DeKalb Schools will focus on demonstrating to Georgia voters DeKalb families that I have the qualifications, courage and conviction to go to Washington The Palace in Stone Mountain and represent the interests of all Georgians students and parents. If the people of Georgia DeKalb will allow me to serve them as their senator superintendent I will stand up for families that have been hit hard by unemployment the current regime in DeKalb and are struggling to get by.  I will stand up for families whose homes are threatened by foreclosure unaccredited schools and small business owners teachers who are struggling because bank credit has dried up of furlough days.  I will stand up for families who simply want to provide a good education for their children and I will support teachers their families. It’s time to send someone to Washington DeKalb's central office who will put you and your family first. We need, no we must have, new vision, new leadership and a new direction.

I choose to hold this press conference here in the rotunda of Georgia’s historic Capitol, beneath the portrait of an elderly General James Oglethorpe, Georgia’s founding father, to emphasize the importance of servant leadership. The motto of the Georgia colony was “Not for ourselves, but for others.” At this critical juncture in the history of our nation county, we need servant leaders in Washington DeKalb who will forsake political expediency and partisan gridlock. We need leaders who will always place the best interests of our great state students and teachers and nation before the best interests of the Democratic or Republican parties school board members, their friends and family, and other political cronies. If the people of Georgia DeKalb will grant me the opportunity to serve them in the U. S. Senate as superintendent they will have a leader that will work tirelessly on their behalf.

We must create a sound foundation on which to grow.  We must restore responsibility and accountability to our financial school system.  To reach those goals, we must create eliminate wasteful jobs and restore employers, taxpayer, student, and parent consumer and investor confidence in our markets schools.  We must also get our fiscal house in order.  The days of reckless and unnecessary spending on the taxpayers’ credit card must end.  We no longer can be beholden to the special interests.

Under the failed economic policies of the past, we saw  record surpluses turn into record deficits and student success turn to student failure.  We now need sound economic and educational policies so that we stop passing down debt to our grand kids taxpayers and teachers.  The days of fiscal irresponsibility must come to an end but it’s going to take fresh faces and a will to work together to make that happen. 

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