Monday, February 4, 2013

Mary Margaret Oliver DeKalb GA House Bill 22

Mary Margaret Oliver, left-wing political powerhouse of DeKalb County, controls the DeKalb delegation here in Georgia.  No matter what the people want for legislation in DeKalb, it needs to be cleared by MMO personally.  She is also influential in DeKalb school issues and DeKalb County government.  Give her credit, she has the POWER.  She keeps the men of the DeKalb delegation on a very short leash.

MMO has a direct line of contact to the Governor, but hopefully that is not enough to get HB 22 out of committee.  Let's see if MMO has the POWER to get HB 22 passed.

How will the Republicans of the DeKalb delegation react?  Perhaps we can get comment from our local state senator on HB 22.  Can The Crier or Dunwoody Reporter ask Fran his thoughts on HB 22?

MMO's newest initiative has nothing to do with the incompetent DeKalb School System or with the dysfunction at DeKalb County government.  Her newest legislation helps no one in DeKalb except for the DeKalb County political posse. 

In summary, MMO appears to not want any new cities in DeKalb.  She wants to keep the POWER and wants the DeKalb CEO to keep the POWER.

Here is her web site:

Here is an editorial on the NorthDruidHills Patch

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