Sunday, February 24, 2013

Federal Judge Tells Governor Deal No Removal

Today a Federal judge has put forth an order for Governor Deal to stand down on removing the DeKalb school board.

I know this upsets many people anxious to remove the DeKalb School Board.  But a document called the United States Constitution prevents people from randomly being removed from elected office.  It's been a while since I taught middle school students here in Georgia so I am not going to give a lengthy lecture here.  And besides, Civics class is not a big deal in Georgia. But to remind myself of those teaching days I have a homework assignment for the Governor, the GA State Board of Education, and John My Other Government Subsidized Vehicle is a Barge.

Go study Georgia Standards section SSCG6, parts a,b,d,e

Section SSCG6 is required learning for our high school students, but educrats and political types could do no harm in reviewing the Bill of Rights, with a focus on the 5th Amendment.  Then go read over the 14th Amendment, focusing on the Due Process Clause.  A quick glance of the Magna Carta would not hurt either. Although not on the same level as Dred Scott, the hearing last week was as far from Due Process as one can get.  I wrote last week that the GA law to remove the school board may be Constitutional itself, but the removal process is not.

What needs to happen is the State needs to give each Board member a hearing (Due Process).  This way perhaps we can find out who did a lease for text books, who voted for this and that, who shows up at schools and harasses staff.  The SACS  report was full of allegations with no sworn testimony. The report is filled with hearsay.  The hearing resembled a Banana Republic courtroom more than a US legal proceeding.  The Board members, like them or not, have a Right to Due Process.  And let those making accusations swear in court to said accusations.  The only solid and undisputable evidence in the SACS report is the financial issues raised by Jester.  As Bob Wilson said, the report was not an investigation, it was a report (and a poor one at that, with no supporting documentation because SACS is a paper tiger)

Tuesday a judge will rule. Governor Deal is a day late on removing the Board.  He should have removed the Board an hour after the hearing, especially since he knew it was going to be a 12-0 vote. The lesson of the day for Governor Deal is you can't outfox the fox.

Until the legislators find away to dismantle this mega school district the people of DeKalb and the students of DeKalb and the property owners/sellers of DeKalb will suffer.
Collectively the Board is not a good one, but removing the Board fixes nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I asked how much of the DCCS budget is allocated toward legal fees, as a percentage of total budget.

The situation has gotten very ugly with this turn of events, via AJC:

"Three months later, that case [Sumter County] is still pending.

All the litigation prompted state board member Mike Royal to say at Thursday’s hearing that “I hope it doesn’t drag out in litigation, I pray.”

Some DeKalb board members told the state board that they would step aside rather than fight on if they were suspended, but Walker vowed to exercise his legal rights.

On Sunday, he wasn’t backing down.

“I was elected by the people, but I work for God,” Walker said. He said he would respect the will of the courts, but not that of politicians and the process they created with the 2011 law.

“I’m not going to surrender to a political lynching by a kangaroo court,” Walker said.

Judge Story scheduled the federal hearing for 2:30 p.m. Friday. The Fulton Superior Court hearing before Judge Lee is 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

The meter is running.