Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DeKalb's Senator Millar and DeKalb Schools

Photo: Delegation 2006.  Some gone, some still here.
undated DeKalb Delegation photo

For those of you not getting your fill of exciting news from the DeKalb School System, we bring you more.

The AJC and other local media just love DeKalb.  It's what they call a target-rich environment - meaning never a day without 'news'.  And we have no shortage of people wanting to be part of this 'news'.

First up to the DeKalb microphone is not other than Michael Thurmond.  See here for an AJC piece. Michael Thurmond was crushed by Johnny Isakson in the 2010 Georgia Senate race, garnishing less than 40% of the vote.  Currently it seems Mr. Thurmond is working at a local law firm.  According to his bio on the firm's site he is an accomplished author.  His latest book is Freedom: Georgia's Antislavery Heritage, 1733-1865. No reviews on Amazon, sorry.  Thurmond is a long-time friend of Dr. Gene Walker, current Chair of the DeKalb School Board. Michael Thurmond was busy a couple weeks ago at the Race Relations Symposium: see HERE and HERE.

When officially named interim Superintendent I am sure Mr. Thurmond will do as good a job as his predecessors Ramona Tyson and Crawford Lewis.  We at DunwoodyTalk wish you much success, Mr. Thurmond.

Next up to the DeKalb microphone is DeKalb Delegation member Fran Millar, our local senator.  Mr. Millar works closely with the DeKalb delegation, including Mary Margaret Oliver, Dar'shun Kendrick, Howard Mosby, Billy Mitchell, etc. If you need to know what's going on in north, south or central DeKalb, Fran has a pulse on it. Here is a piece on WSB with a quote from the DeKalb's Senator Millar.

From the article:

Millar, who represents DeKalb County, told Channel 2's Erica Byfield he personally knows someone the board tried to recruit.  He added he doesn't understand why the board is trying to hire anyone.

"To be hired by this board, which potentially may not be the board in another 45 days or something, is a little bit silly, they need to focus on the accreditation issue," Millar said.
We'll help Mr. Millar out here a bit with his not understanding why the Board seeks to hire a new superintendent.  The State of Georgia has this law that says every school system needs a superintendent.  That person needs bonded and such.  It is apparent to everyone Cheryl Atkinson has left the building, leaving behind only a used Sharpie, a broken cell phone, and a paper trail to the moon.  Knowing that Atkinson is gone, the Board needs to hire an interim.  And DeKalb's senator has no say in it.  He has no vote, and the Board is not interested in his suggestions for a replacement. Mr. Millar is right that the Board may not be in place in the future, but they do have a responsibility to fill the superintendent spot. 

In summary, Atkinson has given notice she is done and the board needs a replacement BEFORE she can officially leave.  There is no Camerlengo waiting in the wings of the chapel of the Stone Mountain Palace.  The The Board members all meet in Conclave of DeKalb, taking seats around the walls of the Sistine Chapel and take a paper ballot.  The voting takes place and the residents weep with tears of joy pain.