Saturday, January 5, 2013

Loganville Mother Shoots Intruder, Did She Need Higher Capacity Firearm?

Here is the story from Gwinnett Patch:

Go read the patch story as the author is on the fringe of getting things correct, then adds this:

This begs the question, what would the outcome have been had she not had the gun? The deputies were on their way — could a hostage situation have ensued?

A hostage situation?  How about a rape of a mother and possibly the children?  How about the murder of the mother and/or children?  More from Patch:
According to the Walton County Sheriff's Office, a young Loganville mother called to report a burglar breaking into her home before retreating to an attic crawl space with her two young children. When the burglar located her there, she shot him six times, hitting him five. He is in a critical condition in the hospital.
What if the mom was using Cor-bon DPX ammo in that revolver, or perhaps had a Glock with a 17 round magazine?  

LOGANVILLE, GA -- UPDATE: According to Walton County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Keith Brooks, the young mother shot the burglar after he broke into her Loganville home Friday morning. Brooks said deputies were called in on a report of a burglary in progress.The home was in the Henderson Ridge subdivision off south Sharon Church Road.
"She was aware he was trying to break into the home and took the children and hid in an attic space with them, but he found her," Brooks said, adding that was when she shot him. "She then ran to a neighbor with the children and he left in a car."
Brooks said the burglar subsequently wrecked the car in the woods, which is where the deputies found him.
"He was conscious and alert when we got to him," Brooks said, adding they are withholding the name of the burglar for the moment. The Walton Tribune reported that it was a 32-year-old Loganville man and that he was in a critical condition after being shot five times. WSBTV is reporting his name is Paul Slater, of Atlanta, and that he has a record. He also has been listed as a Snellville resident in previous mug shots.
The truth is firearms are used hundreds of times a day to prevent bad things from getting worse.  If this happened at your home, would your or your spouse be able to defend yourself?  I know, police were on their way.  Well, just like you keep a fire extinguisher at home because the fire department may not get to you in time, perhaps you should consider purchasing a firearm and learning how to use it.  And most of all, keep it locked and secured.  Check out a biometric safe by GunVault.