Friday, January 25, 2013

In Dunwoody Everyone has an Agenda

So I was sipping a beer and munching on spicy fries over at Village Burger today at lunch, flipping through the most recent edition of the Dunwoody Reporter, and came across the piece regarding a Parks and Rec board.

Councilman Thompson is correct. A Parks and Rec Board would be quite the entertaining yet biased committee.  I served on a sounding board a couple years ago where we talked about parks and needs and wants.  There was even an extensive survey sent out to the community.  Of course the survey results and the sounding board results were dumped into a toilet somewhere.  Those results probably met up with all the dog park poop and pee downstream in Brookhaven.  Instead of acknowledging the survey results and taking action we instead have MORE MONEY being spent on a wasteful and harmful dog park.  Not one time did a dog park get mentioned in discussions.  And did the survey show anything regarding a dog park?  Of course not.  But the squeaky wheel at Brook Run gets a relocated dog park and the children of Dunwoody get nothing new at Brook Run.  No soccer field, no lacrosse field, no softball, no gymnastics.  But hey, the dogs get a new park and a food pantry will get a couple bushels of fruit.

If we take Councilman Thompson's quote as the truth, which I agree that a board will be biased, should we stop there?  After all, a city Board is simply in place to do some leg work for the council, whom ultimately decides what is adopted.

Let's start with the Zoning Rewrite Board.  This board is biased.  Dunwoody Working Girl (HERE is the link for the 99.99999999% of residents not familiar with her blog) is apparently on the Board and will no doubt post a response within eight minutes of this post.  DWG and Co. are pro home office types.  They want all business owners to come out of the closet basement and be known.  Want to have a customer come to your RESIDENTIAL neighborhood?  No problem, so says DWG and the biased Zoning Rewrite Board.  What are you selling?  It doesn't really matter.  Advertising body rubs on  BackPage for Dunwoody? Sure, meet me at their RESIDENTIAL home, just be sure to watch for the kids in the cul-de-sac.  Selling water bongs for legal tobacco products?  How about selling medical isotopes?  Tupperware?  Maybe setting up a used motorcycle shop or lawn more repair?  Bring it on, but just one customer at a time.  Perhaps Mr. Shortal is right.  Forget what this biased Board has to say and protect the homeowners in the RESIDENTIAL areas.

That radical group over at the Sustainability Committee, they are special-interests people as well.  This committee wants people to recycle, reuse, and think green.  They prefer mixed-use developments and bike racks.  I prefer large homes and wider streets and wider parking spaces, so please Council, rid us of this committee as soon as possible.  We all know the awards the city 'earned' have not changed any behaviors in the city.  It's all fluff.

Community Council?  I'm on this committee.  Are we biased?  Of course not.  This committee is perfect in every way.  Tony, Susan, and Steve,and Norb, and me?  What a pleasant group of people.  We always agree and do what is best for Dunwoody.  :)

Board of Ethics?  Hold on while a laugh a bit........ Okay, I am back.  Never mind.  Sometimes it is best to remain silent.

Planning Commission?  Totally biased and opinionated group.  Eliminate this committee along with the super-biased Development Authority.  For the most part, the Development Authority Board leans so far to the left they meet in Sandy Springs.

Design Review Committee?  A special-interest group of FarmHousers.  Eliminate it.

Conventions and Visitors Bureau of Dunwoody?  Totally biased toward Dunwoody.  This group is so self-centered they spend all their time trying to convince visitors that Dunwoody is the best place to eat, shop, and stay. 

I'm sure there are a few more biased and self-serving Boards and Committees not mentioned here, but I can't offend every FarmHouser in The Land.  After all, I still like to get invited to the social functions of Dunwoody and do see my fellow citizens out and about at the local eateries and pubs.

So to Council, I suggest moving forward with a Parks and Rec Board, as long as said Board members share my displeasure of the dog park and like the idea of chainsawing the back 40 acres for sports fields for the youth of Dunwoody. 

If the City really wants to know what we need regarding recreation, go and talk to the hundreds and hundreds of Dunwoody parents and children at Murphy Candler, Dynamo, Morgan Falls, North Atlanta Volleyball, Sandy Springs Tennis Center, Hammond Park and Gymnastics, Blackburn, and dozens of other locations.