Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eat My Bubbles, Dunwoody Style

Week 4 of Swim Season is over, and Week 4 of Dive Meets is tonight.  One week remaining, then finals at GA Tech.

Lots of emails on last week's post regarding the proposed swimming pool complex in Dunwoody.  Sorry to say it will not happen.  That land is set aside for houses, a Starbucks, a deli, and maybe a Dairy Queen.

Dunwoody has 4.5 acres dedicated to dogs and dog feces (all for the enjoyment of dog owners across metro Atlanta including Alpharetta, Roswell, Vinings, Sandy Springs, Chamblee, Doraville, etc.) yet ZERO acres of soccer, lacrosse, swimming, softball, volleyball, etc).  Yes, we are the Smart City.  Our new motto could be "Dogs first, Children LAST".  Or maybe, "Dunwoody: We have a garden and a dog park;  Let the kids play Nintendo indoors".

Any way, big night for swim meets.  First up Redfield hosted Kingsley.  A nice meet, over at 9 PM.  Redfield wins 440-356.  The Redfield Sun Devils celebrated by swarming Village Burger and consuming French fries and custard.  The Kingsley team did well, and topped off their evening with team members going to Yogli Mogli. Redfield has a big meet next week against The Branches.  Lots of pasta at the concession stand so bring your dollars.

Dunwoody North had a tight meet with Village Mill.  Village Mill had the better second half and pulled out the victory. Will the Village Mill victory be enough to break them into our Top Five?  Village Mill beat Fountainebleu last week.  Next week Village Mill kids host Brittany Club.  Dunwoody North finishes up next week with Fountainebleu and should end the season with a victory. It will take a convincing win for Dunwoody North to claw back into our Top Five rankings.

Top ranked Vermack defeated Roxboro tonight in another quick meet.  The Vermack staff was stacking chairs by 8:30 and on the couch for a rerun of Swamp People (9 PM, History Channel).  The Vermack DJ took it to the next level tonight, according to sources.  He was featured in DJ Mag last month, ranked #47 in the USA, to no one's surprise. "He pumps out the beats.  145 beats per minute, or it doesn't get played", commented a 9 year-old, fresh out of the pool after winning the IM. One parent reportedly asked DJ Vermack to stop playing 'Call Me Maybe', but no chance.  His reply?  "Eat My Bubbles!" DJ Vermack plays the beats at Opera on Friday nights and controls the audio at the Chamblee Dunwoody Road Publix on Sunday mornings.

Mill Glen took care of Huntcliff on Week 4.  No horse rides for the Mill Glen swimmers.  It was all business.  The Mill Glen swimmers' warm-up was a swim across the Chattahoochee River to Azalea Drive, and back.  A risky move, but it worked out for Mill Glen.  A shortage of bug spray caused a bit of a panic among Mill Glen moms, but the six lane pool makes up for a few mosquito bites.  Mill Glen faces Zaban next week, and a big victory may garner enough votes to topple Vermack in the Dunwoody rankings.Mill Glen 521 - Huntcliff 272.

412ChastainatBrookwood Hills 381
499WynterhallatDeerbrooke Waters253
400Hampton Hall-SatFontainebleu393
257Dunwoody CCatGarden Hills 509
394The BranchesatHanover West 393
521Mill GlenatHuntcliff 272
519Brittany ClubatHuntley Hills270
387Dunwoody NorthatVillage Mill408
367Deerfield SLatZaban Sharks346

The Branches won by a single point, 394-393 over Hanover West.  Wynterhall goes to .500 on the season with a big win

The rankings are getting tougher as the season progresses.  It's best to compare the rankings dilemma to the NCAA BCS situation.  Vermack is like Alabama, playing a tough SEC schedule this year.  Mill Glen is a great team as well, but their schedule is more like that of Boise State.  Georgetown swimmers are doing well, similar to Ohio State.  Strength of schedule comes into play.

We just arranged for the SAD (Swim Association of Dunwoody) championship meet (#1 versus #2) to take place at the Dunwoody High School outdoor pool.  The event will take place immediately after the July 4th parade.  Village Burger will set up on site, as will the growler lady.  For you men, Ernie's Barber Shop will have two portable barber chairs, offering a cut and shave for $10.

water sampling prior to meet

there will be four lanes only, no exhibition races, seating limited

Week Four Rankings
#1  Vermack & Georgetown (Tie)
#3  Mill Glen
#4  The Branches
#5  Redfield