Friday, March 30, 2012

All Talk and Little Action in GA General Assembly


Georgia: Unfortunate Political Games in the General Assembly Accomplish Little for the Second Amendment in 2012
Late last night, the Georgia General Assembly adjourned and with that, the door of opportunity to pass substantial pro-gun reforms was slammed shut.

The potential for pro-gun legislation to pass in both chambers of the state legislature was very real and likely for this legislative session.  But, due to the serious distrust between the members of both legislative bodies towards its opposite (despite being of the same political party) gun owners will now need to wait until next year for legislative efforts to protect and restore our Second Amendment rights.

The failure of the General Assembly to act on behalf of gun owners and sportsmen is tremendously frustrating, especially considering that both houses of the Georgia General Assembly have overwhelmingly pro-gun majorities.  Despite this golden opportunity, there were political games and unnecessary posturing in Atlanta throughout the last two weeks of the legislative session and your gun rights were ignored rather than made a priority.

As you know, this year is an election year and every state Senator and Representative stands for reelection.  When an incumbent candidate asks for your vote between now and November, ask them what they did specifically since the last election to advance your gun rights?  The honest answer is, collectively, not much.

When the votes were there in the state Senate and House, legislative leadership - with the apparent support of their caucus - chose to play political games with your gun rights rather than make them a legislative priority.

Please contact your state Senator and Representatives TODAY, and respectfully express your extreme disappointment in their inaction on pro-gun reform legislation this year.  Be sure to ask them, if reelected, what they plan to do to ensure that this legislative debacle is not repeated in the future.  Contact information is provided for your state Representative here and your state Senator here.

Governor Deal and Speaker of the House David Ralston FAILED on two issues for Georgia conservatives during this year's General Assembly.  It seems Deal is as conservative as Sonny Perdue.  Both Deal and Perdue were Democrats who made the switch to Republican in the 1990's, when it was no longer cool and hip to be a liberal in Georgia. 

The first issue Deal and Ralston failed on was immigration; specifically SB 458.  Deal allowed Jerry G. of the GA Association of Latino Elected  Officials, the ACLU, and the Georgia Restaurant Association to call the shots down at the Capitol the past week.  Perhaps Deal can parlay the defeat of SB 458 to free meals from restaurants in Buckhead and Sandersville, similar to his sweetheart deal from Delta Airlines. Hopefully the GA Immigration Review Panel will act as enforcer. A lot of Republicans are probably thinking 'what if' in regards to someone like Eric Johnson, who Deal nudged out by less than 2% in the 2010 primary.

Also in the House SB 98 died, as did all other worthy firearm legislation.  At least SB350 and SB432 passed, but let's see if Deal signs them.

Instead of strengthening immigration law in GA, Deal and company focused their efforts on dictating to women what they can and can't do.

Local politicians will celebrate the City of Brookhaven victory.  Now watch the 'for' and 'against' groups to organize and get out their messages.  The real winners will be local print media including The Crier, The Reporter, and The Neighbor newspapers.  If Brookhaven fails Dunwoody will act immediately to incorporate the part of the PCID inside '285', including hundreds and hundreds of apartments, and homes down to Nancy Creek, and a storm-water nightmare.  If Brookhaven fails, I hope Dunwoody Council takes a pass on expansion.  Let Chamblee or Doraville have it.

HB 978 (Charter Schools) was something good that Republicans pushed through, now the voters need to approve it in November.

Of course the DeKalb School Board will go to seven members now.  But what about the new map for Board members?  Did the majority (Republicans) get a victory there with a map that can improve the quality of candidates?  Nope.  Seems like Ms. MMO showed the boys who wears the pants in DeKalb County politics.  Hard to imagine our 'Republican' Speaker favors MMO over men from his own party, but oh well. The City of Brookhaven will be represented by three different school board members  (district 1,2,4) once the Board is reduced to seven members in 2015.  Not good for residents of the future Brookhaven, but it keeps the Fernbank Posse happy.

MMO (middle) posing with Jane Fonda

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homework is for Parents and Teachers

I came across an article that should delight students across the country - Homework Offers No Real Benefit.

Of course educators rarely base their instruction methods on research, they simply do what is easiest and pleases the parents and administrators.

Back when I taught school I did not assign homework often - maybe once every couple of weeks. Why not?  Because I did my best to make use of classroom time with the students.  We didn't use a 'Smart Board' (I call them 'dumb' boards).  We drilled on paper and worksheets.  I did not use exclusively the worksheets provided with the textbook, instead I created my own worksheets.  We focused on one topic at a time and the students mastered the topic of the week.  No spiral approach!

Homework is given for a few reasons.  One reason is many parents expect it. Often parents will equate lots of homework with a tough, hard, good teacher.  I usually find the opposite to be true;  the teachers giving the most homework are the laziest and least productive.  And these same teachers either have kids check the homework or never closely examine the assignments.  The problem here is the teacher may not be stopping and correcting bad habits.

Teachers feel pressured to give homework from their administrators or from co-workers.  "Mrs. Smith, why are you not giving homework like the rest of us?"    Teachers will also wonder if the parents will view them as poor instructors if they don't give homework.

Too much classroom time is spent with non-instruction issues.  Discipline (behavior), dress code enforcement, bullying prevention, mandatory paperwork, , IEPs, etc. take away from instruction time.  The ideal teacher will train the student to enter the room, keep their mouth closed and take their seat, then start the assignment on the chalk  dry-erase Smart board.  The teacher will not sit in their desk chair for twenty minutes searching the Internet, but will instead walk around the room the entire period, working hands on with the students.

I nearly caused a riot back in my middle school teaching days when I suggested the principal remove all of the teachers' desk chairs from the classrooms.  I never cared for the teacher who placed his/her desk at the back of the classroom and stared at the kids' backs while they did busy work.

If you have a kid in public school, they are in the government's care from 8:30 AM until 4 PM.  I think that's enough.  When the kids get home from school, that's family time - not more government-controlled time while they do required homework for three hours a day.

But does homework enforce the day's lesson?  Maybe, if the parent is there to help and review when a student has not mastered a topic.  If the kid learned the topic in school does doing another 50 problems at home make the student 110% educated?  No.  They either know it or they don't know it.  If they don't, then the parent needs to work on that topic until it is learned, because the class is moving on.  If a teacher is teaching long division and your kid correctly calculates all the problems in class (maybe a worksheet with 20 problems) then why give this kid another 50 problems that night?  However, if your kid failed to properly calculate all the problems in class, then he/she needs to continue to practice this skill (in class and at home) until perfected.

So, do you let the kids come home form school, fire up the i-pad, and chill the until the next morning?  Not hardly.  How about reviewing with the child the topics discussed in school?  Then some independent reading and maybe some writing practice.  Have them write thank-you letters, help plan meals, work on a budget for the family, maybe even turn a few wrenches in the garage.

Beware the Homework Queens (and Kings) at your kid's school.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GA SB 458

The Dustin Inman Society at
The Dustin Inman Society
March 27, 2012
I am embarrassed, but not surprised.

It is my fault for not suspecting it sooner: In addition to the illegal alien lobbyist crazies at the race-baiting GALEO and the ACLU, the word is that the powerful Georgia Chamber of Commerce has been quietly fighting to stop a House vote on SB 458. I am embarrassed that I didn't get it sooner.

It makes sense. Working alongside the ACLU et al, the Chamber of Commerce lobby, along with the Ag industry lobbyists were the real enemies last year on HB 87 - but then they were bold enough to testify in committee against the bill. This year, having learned their lesson on public exposure and getting beat by the voice of We The People, they have apparently simply slithered into the Capitol and used their power in the shadows.

WHY would the Chamber oppose SB 458? Because they know that if the language contained in it becomes law even more illegal aliens will leave Georgia and their members will lose the cheaper taxpayer-subsidized, black-market labor they employ while Americans and real immigrants stand in the unemployment line. $They do it for the money$.

The most important part of SB 458 is not the post secondary education (getting illegal aliens out of our public university system), it is the remedies for some problems in current law and stopping the acceptance of undocumented foreign passports that illegal aliens obtain after they escaped capture at our borders and made it to Georgia.

Keep calling please!

Below, I offer an advanced education on some of the language in SB 458 - which could be added to other bills ...

POINTS for SB 458
Current law requires agencies that administer public benefits (including the Sec of State office) to collect proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status each time an individual applies for a public benefit, including renewal of that benefit. While non-citizens legal presence and benefit eligibility can change due to visa expiration or immigration law violation, for the most part, U.S. citizenship status does not change. U.S. citizens should only have to prove that status one time in any one agency. Making this correction will reduce agencies benefits workload by about 80%. Aliens should continue to be required to prove eligibility each time they apply.
SB 458 language remedies that problem.
The AG's office has excluded even domestic birth certificates from the list of acceptable ID documents. Right now, literally all drivers license and marriage license issuing agencies in Georgia are in violation of existing law because they logically accept birth certificates to issue their licenses.
Additional SB 458 language remedies that problem
The AG's office has made foreign passports secure and verifiable ID - but not required that those passports have federal documents attached proving lawful entry into the U.S. Illegal aliens, having escaped capture at the border, simply go to their respective consulates in the US and then get a passport. An "undocumented passport." This completely nullifies the intent and effect of banning the acceptance of the dangerous matricula consular and other consulate IDs last year in HB 87. Taking away the ability of illegal aliens to present accepted ID is second only to taking away their employment in encouraging them to migrate out of Georgia.
SB 458 language remedies that problem.
Contrary to the intentional falsehoods  presented by the ACLU - and unchallenged by the media, according to federal law of 1940, there are no circumstances under which an adult non-citizen (alien) present in the USA is not required to have proof of legal presence on his person. There are nations for which the federal government waives the visa requirement to enter the US, but even then, there is a document issued and stamped (I-94W) and attached to the alien's stamped passport demonstrating lawful entry and date of required departure.
Please keep calling and emailing! Your work is making a lot of people very nervous in the Capitol in an election year.

PS: Despite his campaign promise , the Governor has remained silent on SB 458. Promise officially broken.
404 656 1776


D.A. King

The Dustin Inman Society

Monday, March 26, 2012

Beware of Bike Riders on Tuesday (and other days as well)

Entered By:
Sandy Springs GA Police Department
Entered On:
Monday March 26th, 2012 :: 02:52 p.m. EDT

Use caution tomorrow morning from 9:30 to 11:00 as the annual "Ride to the Capitol" takes place on Roswell Road.

Tuesday, March 27, from 9:30 to 11:00 am,
200-300 bicycle riders will use Roswell Road from the Chattahoochee River, south to the Atlanta City Limits, Wieuca Road area. Officers will be along the route to manage traffic movement. You should expect perhaps slight traffic delays during this time period.


3/27/2012 03-27-12 Georgia Rides to the Capital

Calling All Dunwoody Cyclists for
Georgia Rides to the Capitol

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Don’t miss the 7th Annual Georgia Rides to the Capitol event. Show your state officials that you care about bicycling! The Dunwoody group will depart at 9:45 AM on a police-escorted route along Mt. Vernon Rd and will link up with Roswell riders on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. We’ll travel at a leisurely 12 mile per hour pace, but novice riders and families may want to join the five-mile group ride leaving from East Lake MARTA Rail Station in Decatur with Mayor Bill Floyd. There are many other starting times and locations throughout the metro area including Roswell, East Cobb, and more, so please see the event website for details. Please note that return routes from the capitol will not be police-escorted. Meet the Dunwoody group at 9:30 AM at the Fresh Market at Dunwoody Village (5515 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA). Remember to pre-register at the website!
Why is it essential for Georgia government officials to support safe cycling, on-road bike facilities, and more multi-use trails?

Joe Seconder
Dunwoody Coordinator
Fred Boykin
Georgia Rides to the Capitol Event Coordinator