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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dunwoody Public Relations

"Dunwoody" has been in the news quite a bit of late.  Looming large is of course the trial of convicted murderer Hemy Neuman, now the most famous person named 'Hemy'.  I bet 'Hemy' will be near the bottom of new baby names in 2012's Bris events (and don't look for 'Andrea' to be uttered at your next simchat bat). The Made-for-TV movie will debut in time for the November sweeps, so look for the casting couch here soon. Probably not what the Dunwoody CVB envisioned when they launched their Girlfriend Getaway campaign, but as PT Barnum may have said, "No such thing as bad publicity", right?

And just what is the most famous independent private daycare in the world?  Dunwoody Prep, of course.  My kids went there and it's a fine place.  Ms. Jane is a great director and if you have the need to send your kids somewhere else to be reared, Dunwoody Prep is a great choice.

Next on the Dunwoody Public Relations 2012 Tour is a young lady, back from a late-night run to McDonald's, falling into a trash chute in her apartment complex.

Not since September 2009 have we had 'garbage' and 'Dunwoody' make headlines. Here is my award-winning post on DeKalb Sanitation.  That post earned me First Place in the annual Garbage Blogs of America contest.

Then we had the case of the elderly couple having $20,000 in jewelry stolen as their grandson sat in his bedroom playing on the computer.  Maybe the grandson can make use of his computer time and put in a couple of remote web cameras monitoring the front and back door. 

Some good news on the horizon - Lemonade Days is back!  It will be held at Brook Run Park April 18-22.  I'll again enter the T-shirt / poster contest if they have one.  I think a local artist has one the last couple of times.  Time for me to get serious with some pastels and paper.  After Lemonade Days we'll have Arts Festival Lady return with the Dunwoody Arts Festival May 12 & 13.  By then Marlow's Tavern will be open, then before you know it we'll have a parade.

A lawsuit opposing the creation of the City of Dunwoody (and other cities including  Sandy Spprings, Milton, Johns Creek, Chattahoochee Hills, Plantation Florida, Mentor Ohio, Dubuque Iowa, Bismarck North Dakota, Altoona, Pennsylvania, and the entire states of  Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire) was recently tossed from court.

No news on the track for Peachtree Charter Middle School or the completion of Dunwoody High School.  Expect to hear news on this next week, but I think a new track will be installed. In other school related news, we will vote in November on a Charter Schools amendment to the state's constitution.  I'll write something on this later in the year.  No sense in playing my hand this far in advance.

King John has a piece on the expansion of Doraville.  Doraville looks to pick up some unincorporated land on our city's eastern edge.  Of note in the acquisition is GaryRay's liquor store.  Should this location close would it mean the end of the Daughter of the Poet?
Not by Daughter of the Poet:

Jam Jelly Bail, Garage Sale
Wham Bam, Traffic Jam

Fall in the Chute for a Phone
Stay Clear of the Bucket of Chicken Bone
Young Lady in the Garbage You are not Alone
A Late-Night Big-Mac Attack Makes Us All Groan

Make Room for the Carnies at Brook Run
Lemonade Days is Sure to Come
Funnel Cakes and Rides in the Night
Three Hundred More Signs to Take Flight

Signs We Have, O Many and Plenty
But Enforcement of Such is there Any
For Every Sign I See I want a Penny
For Sure I Could then Pay Al a Twenty

PVC is All We'd See
But Soon TownHomes and a Starbucks Will it Be
Perhaps a Park Among the Weed is what We Need
 Brookhaven, Ashford, Jacobs-ville, Murphy-Candler City
Soon Will We Have a New Municipality
If the Assembly Let's It Plummet
How Soon Before We Garner Perimeter Summit
 Hopefully the next round of headlines for Dunwoody will be more delightful.  Here are a few possibilities:

Dunwoody Sells Itself to Sandy Springs, Joins the New Milton County

DeKalb County Pays Dunwoody Residents $7 Million Owed for Brook Run Park

Village Burger and Dunwoody Tavern Add Hoegaarden to Draft Beer List

Local Businesses and DunwoodySingles.Com Agree to One-Week Illegal Sign Treaty

New Bank to Open in Dunwoody 

Dunwoody Joins District 13, Vows to Defeat Capitol and Become Leader of Panem

Left Turns onto Chamblee Dunwoody Road from Publix Parking Lot Banned

Local T-Shirt Designer Wins Walmart Get On the Shelf Contest
Rent This Shirt (new) for Saturday's Vanderdash