Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gang Movement in Dunwoody

This week's Dunwoody Crier printed a letter or two acknowledging the 3-Sign Posse. Adding yet another term to the DunwoodyTalk dictionary we add 3 Sign Jimmy Anarchists to the soon-to-be-printed 2013 edition.  Order now for your Nook - a great Christmas present.

For those of you new to Dunwoody, please realize we do not have much of a crime and gang issue.  Most crimes are in two hot-spots regions of the city.  Most locals know the areas so no need to point out the obvious here, so let's move on.

But do know Dunwoody has its own unique type of gangs.  These gangs don't wear DownLow jeans hanging off their butts.  They style elastic-waist polyester bottoms or RL jeans from Costco.  And they sign!

After reviewing city council meeting videos, private security camera footage from Don't Tase Me Bro, and observing people in the community for several hundred hours, DunwoodyTalk, with the assistance of the Dunwoody Police Department, have composed a gang sign identification chart.  The Dunwoody cluster school kids will learn these next semester as part of the Race to the Top Bottom program via DeKalb School System.

We touched briefly here about the RedShirt group, and DunwoodyTalk has infiltrated their group with a spy. We are reviewing their training manual this week.  It is quiet today in Dunwoody as many members of the 3SignJimmy's are in Michigan protesting the right-to-work issue.

I think it is great that people are finally getting involved at the local level.  Next I hope they actually learn the issues.
JimmyJam Jr., leader of the newly formed 3SignJimmy gang

council meeting attendee promoting a sale at Macy's
When residents make a political statement one can agree or disagree.  If you don't agree with someone you can ignore them or discuss the issue with them.  I actually had one friend who voted for Hope & Change & Forward, but I did not delete this person from my contacts list.  But what about when a business jumps in the political game?  Do you still give your money to that business?

A co-founder of Costco (now a publicly held company) supported Obama, so should those opposed to O stop shopping at Costco?

Closer to home we have at least two businesses with signs opposing three big issues in Dunwoody.  Do these signs encourage you to put more South in your Mouth or Chevron gas in your car?  Unless your business is threatened by a certain political candidate or policy, is it good business sense to put forth your opinion?