Friday, November 30, 2012

Save the Wood in DunWOODy

Without 'wood' there is no DunWOODy. Please join me in saving a large group of trees in the Dunwoody Village area. Don't confuse these priceless , irreplaceable trees with the weeds growing in the median on Dunwoody Parkway or the 400 year-old redwoods in Brook Run No-Kid Zone Park.  One of our cub reporters discovered people are buying trees then abusing them (behind closed doors).  They are forcing these trees to stand all day, receiving only a cup of water when one of the family kids remembers to give it water. 

People are allegedly hanging strings of popcorn and paper chains on some trees.  We have even heard that some Dunwoody residents are putting live electrical wires with warm-to-the-touch lights on said trees. One neighbor told me they saw a tree with tinsel and papier-mâché ornaments made with dried macaroni pasta glued to them.  And an unnamed source reported a tree with religious symbols on it. Don't these people realize trees have feelings?  Don't they know trees have rights as well? 

Help save 337 trees this weekend.

Caution: No trees are safe in Dunwoody. This tree collection is behind a fence, keeping it secure.
A large group of rare Douglas Firs spotted in Dunwoody. Help me Save these Trees.

So the Dunwoody anarchists are having a Save Brook Run meeting this weekend at Brook Run?  Where in Brook Run?  At the dog park, of course.  Such irony as THE DOG PARK IS RUINING THE TREES IN BROOK RUN. Having a Save Brook Run meeting at the dog park is like having an AA meeting at the tavern, or like hosting Weight Watchers at the Publix bakery.  What is the connection between the dog park and lunacy?  Did the tree posse drink water from the dog park watershed? Careful where you step at the Save Brook Run meeting, there will be more than the normal dose of feces in the area.