Thursday, November 15, 2012

DeKalb School System's Shell Game

It comes as no surprise that the central office folks at the DeKalb County School System are instructed by the Board to do one thing, but ignore those instructions. When students don't follow instructions they fail.  When employed by DeKalb, failing to do your job often translates to a pay raise. That must be such a confusing message for students of our fine school district.

So a recent audit has been released.  Find it HERE.  Lots of tidbits in the audit, but let's take a look at an issue going back to May 10, 2010.  On that date the Board decided to cut $11,500,000 via 150 positions.  Seems like a straight-forward task.  The end result was to cut $11,500,000 in salaries.  But that is not what happened according to the audit.  Instead, some jobs were "cut", but then rehired or simply moved to a different (new) job in the district.  You see, it is difficult to fire people in the Friends & Family program.  Everyone is related by blood, by church, or by sorority/college. Here are a few clips from the audit:

As you can see from the clip above, the DeKalb School System and its Human Resources DID NOT make cuts of $11.5 million dollars at the Central Office. They actually spent MORE money! Not only did they not make the cuts, they exceeded the Board's budget by $29 million. Must be that fuzzy math or 'new' math we hear about. Why did this happen year after year?  And why doe sit continue? There are a few explanations, including: Fraud, Ignorance, Stupidity, Boldness, Incompetence, Defiance, or perhaps a combination of some/all the above.

 Point #5 above shows the Central Office did not cut 109 positions.  They simply shuffled people around the Stone Mountain complex.  They would eliminate a person's job as Executive Secretary, then rehire as Secretary for an Executive (as an example).  What a bunch of garbage.

And can someone tell us why Ramona Tyson still works for DeKalb County School System?  More to follow, of course. We are crunching the numbers and will show how the teachers, principals, nurses, coaches, taxpayers, and students get screwed while the central office gets bigger and bigger and bigger.