Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He/She Who Screams Loudest Wins in Dunwoody

At last night's council meeting a majority of council decided to side with 12 families residing near Vermack/Womack and decided traffic backups and pedestrian safety means nothing.

At issue was a proposed new intersection at the troubled Vermack/Womack intersection.  This area is one of the worst in the city and will remain that way.  Why?  A few of the local homeowners did not want anything to change.  If I lived in one of those homes I would not want part of my land taken for a larger intersection either.  But it is council's role to make tough decisions like this for the betterment of the community as a whole.  If those were apartments at that intersection we'd see a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the Wo-Ver MACK roundabout by the end of the week.  To recap, we will spend $2 million + to beautify Dunwoody Parkway, but will not spend $900,000 to correct the issue at Wo-Ver MACK.  I appreciate Mayor Davis, Terry Nall, and Doug Thompson for voting for this improvement.  Unfortunately all of Dunwoody will suffer this troublesome intersection for years to come.

In other disappointing news, council voted to spend $70,000 on a new dog park.  That's $70,000 not spent on children and adults.  That's right - Dunwoody s spending $70,000 for a new dog park. All that talk of fiscally conservative is garbage. Here was an opportunity to say NO to a special interest group - a group that has most of its members living OUT of Dunwoody.

In summary, here are other budget items related to Brook Run:
Tennis Courts $0.0000000000
Soccer fields $0.0000000000
Lacrosse fields $0.0000000000
Basketball courts $0.0000000000
Frisbee golf $0.0000000000 (okay, I am fine with no Frisbee golf, really)
Baseball / softball fields $0.0000000000
Gymnastics center $0.0000000000
Anything to promote active recreation for youth $0.0000000000

The good news is if you are driving from Home Depot on Tilly Mill to Mellow Mushroom and need to go to the bathroom en route, Brook Run will have a couple of new toilets for you to use.  Why else would Brook Run need toilets?  The skaters have a bathroom and the eight active gardeners probably can hold it until they get home.

In summary, Dogs of metro Atlanta can continue to destroy the land at Brook Run, people can sit in traffic at Wo-Ver MACK, kids can take their chances playing real-time Frogger at Wo-Ver MACK, and soon we will all be the proud new owners of new toilets and urinals at Brook Run.