Friday, October 5, 2012

Georgia School Boards Asoociation Using Public Funds to Sway Votes?

What is the purpose of putting up audio of the Executive from the Georgia School Boards Association?  Well, if the group did not rely on public funding then it would not be a story.  Sis Henry and her posse can say all they want on their personal blogs and on Facebook, but according to Georgia's Attorney General it is illegal to use public funds to influence an election.  Your tax money is used to send school board members to the GSBA for workshops on various topics.  This audio is from a workshop on how to not allow school choice for parents and students.  The workshop's purpose was a step-by-step process to influence the November elections, specifically the Charter School Amendment.

According to the Bio for the GSBA Executive Director, she has been an advocate for children for 40 years. I don't doubt that a bit, but Sis Henry, let's make it 41 years by advocating for a YES vote on the Charter Amendment.  It is all about the children, right?