Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dunwoody High School Homecoming Parade 2012

A sparse but excited crowd set up along Vermack Road Thursday afternoon to cheer on the Dunwoody High School homecoming court and various clubs. Not much publicity for this event. No DHA, no Chamber of Commerce, no Preservation Trust, no Rotary, and no representatives from City of Dunwoody government. No Dunwoody Police ATV and no DeKalb garbage truck bringing up the rear.

Perhaps the school likes it that way (less hassle, not much class time lost), but it was odd that the event appeared more like a private affair more than a rallying call for the city's lone high school. And having an event at 4 PM on a Thursday is not exactly inviting for working parents and kids in middle school.

The parade was comprised of a few convertibles, a couple of floats and pickup trucks, the band, ROTC, Cross Country, and some other groups. The band played and the cheerleaders cheered. The crowd was a mix of parents of parade participants, home-schooled kids living nearby curious of the activities, and some high school kids looking to take a rare walk up and down Vermack.

The kids in the parade will have the memories of being part of Homecoming, and were probably not concerned if anyone came out to see them. The students were all well behaved and seemed to be enjoying the event.

Maybe next year the principal and civic leaders can work together to put on a bigger event. Maybe the city's first annual Halloween Parade (directed by Heyward) could be combined with a homecoming parade.