Friday, October 19, 2012

Dunwoody Halloween Parade?

Dunwoody has a great Independence Day parade.  How about a Halloween parade next year?

There are two types of Halloween parades; a day parade and a night parade.  I'd prefer to have a night time Halloween parade, held the Saturday night prior to Halloween (not to interfere with trick or treat night on Halloween).

Locally, Little Five Points has a daytime Halloween parade:

One can only imagine the entries in a Dunwoody Halloween parade. Lots of themes to go on.  We can have DJ Vermack on a float, mixing Halloween songs and Michael Jackson's Thriller.  A group from the DPT can dress up as the Farm House, the BicycleJoe Spandex crowd can do their thing, Farmer Bob can put on his overalls and lead a group of pigs down Dunwoody Parkway, the chicken posse can pull a wheeled chicken coop, someone can dress as the antebellum chimney (coming soon to a Starbucks near you), the kids can dress like their favorite TV and political characters, and the adults can dress as NIMBY's.

I know all the organizations like the Chamber, CVB, Rotary, etc. would take part.

The DHA can get things started, and I officially nominate Heyward as the Halloween Parade Chairman.  Honey Boo Boo can be parade marshal and toss out candies to the children of Dunwoody.

A participant is dressed as The Claw arcade vending machine. (Mario Tama/Getty Images, FILE)