Thursday, October 18, 2012

City of Dunwoody Employees Sleeping on the Job?

The city council and staff have had many hot issues to deal with the past couple of months and DunwoodyTalk has evidence of paid 'workers' taking excessive breaks during work hours.  These breaks include a lot of napping and snacking - all at the expense of taxpayers. 

These goats apparently are doing a fine job of eating the bad underbrush in Brook Run.  This relaxing moment is a rare one for the goats who allegedly eat 20+ hours a day.

The dog in the photo keeps the predators away and keeps the goats from arguing with each other.  I never noticed this enclosure before at Brook Run.  It is near Peeler by the old dormitory.  The goats are rotating throughout the park, with their human-exploiter being paid by the acre.

Next month the free range chickens will be at Brook Run, following behind the goats' work, dropping chicken poop to offset the goat poop.  They call it a poop balancing act in the biz.