Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time to Recycle, Dunwoody. DeKalb Sanitation

Now is a great time to sign up for recycling in DeKalb County, Georgia.  The $30 set-up fee is now waived.  Sign up now for a free blue tub and 100 bags.

Since becoming a city we have taken over some things from the DeKalb County.  Trash and recycling pickup has remained with DeKalb and I hope it will stay with DeKalb.

When we started recycling at home a few years ago I was surprised at the reduction in landfill waste we dragged to the curb.  I'm not your tree-hugger, ride a bike, eat granola type.  But I do believe it is a better choice to recycle certain items instead of burying these items in a landfill.

So how do you get the free tub and 100 bags?  The most efficient way will be to email sanitation@co.dekalb.ga.us .  You can also call 404-294-2900.    Once you begin to recycle try to follow the guideline to keep costs down.  There are certain things to recycle, and things not to put in the tub or bags.

It's been three years since I wrote my post on the DeKalb Recycling program.  Take a look HERE.