Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farm Burger Now Open in Dunwoody

So I get the call that Farm Burger is having a soft opening and I'm invited over to try a burger and milkshake.  If you are rushed for time, I'll say now the food and service was awesome.  Now you can go do something else or stick around for a couple of paragraphs and look at a few photos.
This may be a new, hip place for celebrity sightings.  Last night I saw Councilman Heneghan here.

Three of us arrived around 7:30 to a packed house.  Like many Americans, we first went over to the dessert area and grabbed an ice cream cone and a milkshake.  Two thumbs up.  The milk shake was served in a glass mason jar type thing and the cone was, well, it was a cone.  All good.
No.6 (top bun removed for photo)

For burgers, I had the #6.  Burger with bacon, sunny side up egg, pepper jack cheese, and salsa verde. It was a great burger.  My kid had a regular burger (100% grassfed beef) and the young red-head with us had a burger as well.  I don't recall what type she ordered, but I do know she ate it and said it was awesome.  The fries were good.  They offer regular Farm Burger fries and also spicy garlic & Parmesan fries.  Very tasty.

The drinks we downed were Jarritos lime and Jarritos orange.  They have six local drafts on tap, but the red-head had a few already so I was designated driver.  I'll try the draft on my next visit when someone else is behind the wheel.

Like any time a quality restaurant opens expect some crowds for the first few weeks.  Looking at the prices, Farm Burger offers a quality product for a fair price.  The lunch combo is $8.50, on par with other local offerings.
the lady who took this photo for me apparently had some issues handling an i-phone.  The guy with the beard seemed to be in charge.  Very nice guy.

Farm Burger is in the Georgetown area, a five minute car ride from Dunwoody Village.  It's in the same shopping center as the new and improved Kroger.  That shopping center looks nice.

Here in Dunwoody there are many great places to eat. There are many great lunch options in Dunwoody including Village Burger, Marlow's (both in Dunwoody Village), My Friend's Place and Wright's Gourmet, in the Village area as well. I put Farm Burger up there with Newk's in Brookhaven as 'somewhere different' to have lunch. Farm Burger is a nice addition to the mix.  They have a nice bar, some unique drinks and dishes, and decent music playing on the sound system.

Farm Burger in Dunwoody will appeal to the foodies interested in the grassfed beef option, and also to anyone interested in a chicken sandwich or veggie burger.  A young lady named Kiphanie took care of us.  She was very pleasant, as was everyone else we mingled with. I suggest a No. 6 and a milk shake. Stop by Farm Burger in Georgetown soon and have a nice meal. Rated A+ for families, couples, singles, and anyone not in one of those groups.