Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yellow Bhut and Red Ghost Peppers

After starting from seed many months ago, the pepper crop is impressive the past couple of weeks.  Want to try a bite of a red ghost or yellow Jolokia (bhut) pepper or the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper?  Send me an email and you can have a couple.  Plenty here for those interested in trying the hottest pepper in the world.  Stay tuned as I'm going to have Sustainable Pattie film me and Farmer Bob each eating one.  Farmer Bob has not been in the news as of late and I'm doing this as a publicity stunt for him.  Anyone else want in on the hot pepper eating video?

If interested in seeds let me know.

ghost  mixed with some other peppers
yellow bhut
Red ghost and Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
started these plants from seed in April
started indoors
I'm working on a new hybrid, growing the Trinidad Scorpion and the Red ghost.  If successful I'll need a name for it.  First name that comes to mind is the Freakin' Fahrenheit Farmhouser.  Or maybe the Georgia FireAnt pepper.

Here's a quote from a guy who grew the Trinidad Scorpio:

“I had hallucinations, I had to lie down, I couldn’t walk for 20 minutes, dizzy,” said Marcel de Wit.  Marcel de Wit  was apart of the group  of men who developed and grew the vegetable.  His thoughts on eating a raw Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.  ”I had hallucinations, I had to lie down, I couldn’t walk for 20 minutes, so dizzy.” He continued “This chilli was so severe. I will never, ever do it again, I can tell you that.”
A jalapeno scores approximately 5,000 units on the Scoville scale.  The Trinidad Scorpion and ghost varieties are around the 1,000,000+ unit mark.

Lots of funny videos on YouTube. search for 'eating ghost pepper' or 'ghost pepper'.