Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Murphy Candler & Brook Run 2015

Now that we have a new city neighbor to the south, let's chat about parks.  Ever been to Murphy Candler Park for football, cheer leading, softball, or baseball?  Many of you raised your hand.  It's a nice park, but limited parking.  It serves a variety of interests and is a great place for active recreation - something most Americans equate to a PARK.  Can we work with Brookhaven city leaders (once they are elected) and talk about parks?

Here's a proposal for both cities. 

Murphy Candler: 
Two football fields removed
Three baseball/softball fields added
Parking added

Brook Run Green Space Park
Two football fields added
Two multi-purpose fields (lacrosse/soccer) added
Atlanta Colts move to Brook Run

Some long time Atlanta Colt people will not like the idea because of tradition.  Hey, even the Dallas Cowboys built a new stadium. The program's tradition remains, but a new chapter begins.

This change at Murphy Candler allows that park to focus on baseball and softball, and provide safe and adequate parking.  Additional fields allow for more games, practices and more flexible scheduling. Perhaps the new fields could be larger fields for senior baseball, and Dunwoody Sr. Baseball relocates.  Let the baseball/softball people discuss it.

Brook Run actually becomes something of use to a large portion of the community.  The fields could be used by local lacrosse teams and also have 'open' times for play.  Perhaps even the Concorde Fire group is still interested in a private/public project. 

Murphy Candler Now
Murphy Candler 2015
Brook Run
Brook Run Park

To answer a few questions:
Yes, trees will be cut. 
Yes, people living near the park will get to hear children playing and having fun
Yes, many more people will be visiting the park, and most will be driving a gas-powered automobile
Yes, the garden and orchard stays in its current place
Yes, we can solicit private funds to help fund these enhancements to Brook Run