Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brook Run and Murphy Candler

Dunwoody Councilman Doug Thompson said it well, "Parks are successful when they are used".  If that is an accurate assessment, and I think it is, then Brook Run Park is a 100-acre failure at this point in time.  Of course $7 million owed to us in Dunwoody (owed from the folks in DeKalb who said they would make improvements to Brook Run but instead knocked down a couple of buildings and 'gifted' us a chained link parcel designated for dogs to pee and poop in, aka the Dog Park) would go a long way to add amenities to Brook Run.  Where are we on that lawsuit?  I suppose we in Dunwoody have no right to a speedy trial.

So back to the matter at hand.  This weekend I stopped by  Murphy Candler Park.  it was opening day for Atlanta Colts football and cheer leading, and there were some baseball games.  parking was at a premium, with people parking all over the place - blocks away on residential streets. But fear not, local law enforcement was on hand to assist with parking  make sure people had a great day at the park.
don't pull into the grass along the right-away on the streets around Murphy Candler or you will get a citation
Based on the Thompson theory of park success, Murphy Candler is a successful park.  Perhaps too successful.  As we mentioned here before, Murphy Candler is operating beyond capacity at times.

After the last post on the Atlanta Colts I received a decent amount of feedback (most feedback is via email, some via interpersonal communication. No more comments here on the blog.  I'm afraid Jimmie from the Patch will stop by.  TOD was right, no comments needed) on the idea to move the Atlanta Colts to Brook Run.  Many liked the idea, and of course many did not.  I'll simply remind everyone that Murphy Candler will soon be under new leadership.  The way things have operated in the past is not an accurate prediction of how things will operate in the future.
Take a knee young men. 

The basket toss, Atlanta Colt style

So what was happening this weekend at Brook Run, the 100 acre park serving the city of 50,000 residents?  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?

I think an elderly lady planted her fall carrots, a few dogs from Gwinnett County urinated all over the place at the Vernon Jones Dog Park, and some kids rode skate boards. Other than that, not much. Brook Run saw no baseball, no soccer, no football, no cross country racers, no tennis or basketball, no lacrosse, and not even Frisbee golf. The spandex biker group doesn't even go in there to do a few laps. But fear not - soon we'll have a 12-foot wide concrete patch circling the place - that will really bring in the crowds of youngsters and seniors alike.  Not.

That brings me to news of a new group that is forming - Play Here.  Play Here is reportedly a group of Dunwoody residents working on a plan (a plan to change the current failed Brook Run plan).  The group reportedly wants to put in sports fields in the back of Brook Run.  Imagine that!  Children playing at Brook Run?  The group reportedly wants to get something in front of council by the end of the year, and on the November 2013 ballot.  And we know the Dunwoody 2013 ballot should be interesting next year. Three council spots (the spots currently held by Shortal, Bonser, and Thompson) will be voted upon, and Play Here reportedly wants a ballot initiative for a bond for funding the new Brook Run.  I haven't all the details, but this bond initiative will relate only to Brook Run.  It will not be a monstrosity involving condemning apartments, a farm house wedding chapel, nor anything outside of Brook Run.  Interested residents email for future updates.