Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peppers, Parks, and Puerto Rico

Time to get serious on the blog again, allowing King John, Patch, and Blogger Bob to handle the people's business on the Internet.  Chip Bagman and Jimmie will assist.

First off - nearly time for pepper picking.  I got a late start on soaking and planting my pepper seeds, but soon all the work will pay off - I hope. 
seed from Pepper Joe's


indoors pepper seed plants


ghost pepper,( Bhut Jolokia ) not ready yet

potted pepper plant

pepper bed #1

four cucumber plants

variety of tomatoes

I have a few ghost pepper plants (Bhut Jolokia) going - one looks real strong. We'll have some pepper eating contests later this year, stay tuned.  If the T-Splost passes I'll eat a whole pepper and play the video here.  If T-Splost fails, Bicycle Joe and Bob D. each eat one.

I planted six different varieties of peppers this spring, and my second planting will be next week now that I pulled the cucumbers. One tomato plant had bottom rot, one plant half of the tomatoes have the catface/cracking.  But a couple of the plants are super stars. 

I was over at the Dunwoody Sandy Springs gymnastic / synthetic turf park on Hammond and observed some 20 somethings playing an odd game.  They were gathered around a small trampoline and hitting a ball of some sort.  The 'sport' is a cross between hacky sack, hand ball, and volleyball, I think.  Anyone know what these young adults were doing?  Consuming bath salts may be a precursor.

On the topic of the park, they have an adult kickball league.  Here is a highlight of Wednesday night's match-up between the Beer Drinking Blue Shirts versus the Red Bull and Vodka Brown Shirts:

Rule #1 of co-ed sports: Kick it (or Hit it) to a girl.  LOL

As the blog title says, we are talking about peppers (done) parks (done) and Puerto Rico.  Next up, our US-owned island to the south.  On a side note, we need some real casinos in Puerto Rico.  Can we get a Wynn or MGM down there?

By far, the most interesting thing I saw on the island was a classic Kellogg's vending machine.  They like their Tony down there.

I took a few photos for Al and Heyward while I was in Puerto Rico.  They love their banners and signs.  Not even Walgreen's on a holiday weekend can match the signs in Puerto Rico.  And they drink Medalla a lot. I think Medalla is a Spanish word meaning donkey pee.
Walgreen's in Dunwoody

Speaking of bath salts, I took a hike in the El Yunque rain forest.  The place was very nice, and it rained.  So after a hike of a mile or so down I get to a huge waterfall.  Down river from the waterfall are huge boulders and fast-moving water.  No signs to 'keep out' or 'warning'.  After all, it's a rain forest.  People seem to understand that Mother Nature can sweep you away.  So taking a photo I spy a young girl meditating way down there. You better be a Vermack swimmer if you slip into the current, or else you'll end up somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

My kids think I should include a photo of myself from Puerto Rico, so here's one from the wonderful El Conquistador Resort Water Park