Saturday, July 14, 2012

Great Teachers Flee DeKalb County?

Imagine you are a great widget maker, working for the Acme Widget Company.  There are many widget makers as it's very easy to earn the degree in Widgetology.  But not all widget makers are equal.  Some sit behind a desk all day, never interacting with the young widget apprentices - but instead distributing widget worksheets and widget homework.  But after a year or two you adjust to the fact that Acme Widget Company has some worthless employees.  You even forget sometimes that the not-so-great widget makers earn the same pay as you.

Then things change at Acme.  They cut your pay while increasing the workload (2 more widgets per hour).  Then you start to see that there are other Widget companies out there.  Although there is a surplus of widget makers, the best will always find a job. 

(seem like you read a story like this before?  Oh yes, look HERE)

So news is out that Austin Elementary will need to fill a handful of vacancies before school starts next month.  On top of the list is a new principal, followed by some well-respected educators. Looks as though some widget makers noticed the grass really can be greener elsewhere?

The truth is the central office in DeKalb could care less.  They view vacancies as opportunities; opportunities to hire and promote more friends and family.  Dunwoody schools have done well this summer with replacement principals (DHS, Vandy, DES).  Let's hope Austin gets some qualified personnel hired the next few weeks.

Austin is not alone in this turnover issue.  But hopefully the Board will treat teachers better.  Board member Dr. Gene Walker talks about doing what's right for the teachers.  Hopefully Dr. Walker will lead that fight with his fellow Board members.