Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dunwoody Mayor and Council Make Smart Decision


For Immediate Release

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Dunwoody, GA – July 17, 2012 – The City of Dunwoody has decided to table the current wayfinding and
 signage implementation program.  The City will go back to the drawing board to work on alternate designs
 and plans that more closely match community expectations. 
While it recognizes the importance of a well-designed wayfinding program, the City intends to focus efforts
on other services and priorities, which are considered by Council and the community as more immediate.
No timetable has been set for the redesign and implementation of the City wayfinding and sign program. 
For additional information regarding the wayfinding program or the City of Dunwoody please contact
Edie Damann, Marketing and PR Manager, at 678-382-6712 or edie.damann@dunwoodyga.gov.


I'm glad to see the city putting this on the back burner.  The positive of all this is that the decent
response to council demonstrates that many people are involved and care about Dunwoody,
its image, and its spending habits.

Mayor and council asked for input and received it from many residents (either by email or
via posts on blogs and news web sites) and took action based on that input.  Thanks to Mayor Davis,
our city council members, and staff for doing the right thing.