Friday, July 20, 2012

Dunwoody & DeKalb Georgia Elections July 31 2012

Not too much excitement on the ballot on July 31, but please don't skip voting.

The number one priority is re-electing Elaine Boyer as our DeKalb Commissioner.  She has been fair and honest to the taxpayers, and is often a lone voice against tax increases and inappropriate spending at the county level.  Please vote for Elaine Boyer on July 31, 2012.

Next up is a school board position.  I highly recommend Pam Speaks for DeKalb School Board, District 8.  Our local school board representative is Nancy Jester, but Pam Speaks' district is a super-type district that covers a large area of DeKalb, including Dunwoody.

For those of you outside of Dunwoody I suggest voting for Don McChesney, Jim McMahan, and Denise McGill.  We could be the only school board in the state with three 'Mc' last names, perhaps earning sponsorship of some sort from McDonald's.

Locals Fran Millar and Tom Taylor are unopposed, but they still would appreciate your vote of support. 

Two of the Public Service Commissioner spots are on the ballot.  This Board is important.  DunwoodyTalk endorses Chuck Eaton and Stan Wise.

Two judge races:  We support Gail Flake for Superior Court and Dax Lopez for DeKalb Court.

The T-SPLOST is on the ballot as well.  Back during the city council candidate forums (not sure which one, perhaps the Sustainability one) I stated T-SPLOST would fail and Dunwoody needed to have its own local plan for Mt Vernon Road.  Of course a few audience members were aghast when I made the "T-SPLOST will not pass" statement.  In a way, T-SPLOSTis like the $50 million parks bond Dunwoody voted on last year.  Both plans are too big, not enough details, and contain unworthy  pet projects.  The NO vote on the $50 million parks bond was not a vote against parks, it was a vote against a bad plan and spending too much money.

City of Brookhaven?  I don't live in Brookhaven, but I'd vote YES to become a city if I did reside in the Brookhaven area.  Dunwoody is a better place since we became a city.