Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dunwoody Swim Teams Week 3

A nice night on Tuesday.  The rain and thunder stayed away allowing nearly everyone to get in a full meet this week.  Nothing worse that trying to arrange a make-up date for a swim meet.  Aside from all the needed lineup changes, you have to also create new parent volunteer sheets.  Most teams opt for a draw where each team gets a win.  I can think of one or two team captains who would insist on a make-up - you know who they are.

Monday night the rain and thunder did not stay away.  A rare Monday night meet between Redfield and Dunwoody Country Club was called a 200-200 tie, with each team getting a win.  The DJ at Vermack has now been dropped to #2 in rankings of local pool DJs as the DCC DJ moves up to the #1 spot.  He kept the beats coming, even through the rain.

Speaking of Vermack, they lost to Chastain 473-323.  Chastain may be the largest swim team in the metro area.  They have Michael Phelps as a full-time consultant.  Part of the success is their parking strategy.  They block off all parking within 4.3 miles, requiring visiting teams to park in the Dumbo lot.  No MARTA bus in the area so Vermack swimmers had to walk about five miles, carrying their parents'  chairs and coolers.  Although they lost, Vermack maintains #1 ranking among the Dunwoody teams.

As we discussed before, scheduling is based on a team's performance the prior year. Teams move up and down each year, and the schedule changes a bit.   Being a 'super-club'  (a team with a lot of swimmers and a lot of winning) has advantages and disadvantages.  The upside is of course knowing you have a great group of swimmers who win.  You compete at the highest level (for summer swim) and many kids thrive on that feeling.  The younger and new swimmers get to see talented kids every meet and learn from the experienced swimmers.  They swim side by side with great swimmers and work hard to get better.  The downside is the travel and unfamiliar opposing teams. Take Vermack for example.  Vermack drives to Hanover West and Chastain, and swims against Roxboro.  I have no idea where Hanover West and Roxboro are located, and I'm sure my kids don't have any friends at any of those three places. Of course some parents prefer to compete against the best teams
 and like the travel and seeing new faces.

Then look at a schedule like Redfield.  They compete this year against Vermack, Wynterhall, Dunwoody CC, Kingsley, and The Branches.  That's a parent's dream.  No travel outside the Greater Dunwoody area (Sandy Springs / Dunwoody).  Your nearly guaranteed to know a few families at every meet.  There are 24 teams in the ASA South Division, about nine here in Dunwoody.

Mill Glen defeated Wynterhall this week in one of our local rivalries.  The kids love playing on that hillside at Wynterhall.  Just make sure to get your towels and flip flops when the meet is over, before the man with the gas powered blower takes charge.

Georgetown, our #2 ranked Dunwoody team, took care of Dunwoody North 454-342.  Georgetown keeps their #2 ranking while Dunwoody North drops out of the Top Five for the first time this season.

Village Mill had a nice night and defeated Fontainebleau 393-384. Tight meet for sure.  A couple of races made the difference.

Next week we have Village Mill hosting Dunwoody North. Kingsley visits Redfield.  Vermack plays host to Roxboro.  Mill Glen makes the drive to Huntcliff.  This will be a very tough meet for Mill Glen.

324Zaban (TUE 6-12)atCC of Roswell 468
323VermackatChastain Park473
341Deerbrooke WatersatDeerfield-Spaulding Lake363
200RedfieldatDunwoody CC200
454GeorgetownatDunwoody North342
391Hampton Hall-SatGainsborough398
454Garden HillsatHanover West 336
358HuntcliffatHuntley Hills411
373The BranchesatRoxboro419
384FontainebleauatVillage Mill393
448Mill GlenatWynterhall331

Week 3 Dunwoody Rankings
#1 Vermack
#2 Georgetown
#3 Mill Glen
#4 The Branches
#5 Redfield

On a side note, the City of Dunwoody's Parks and Recreation committee is meeting to discuss Project WaterWorld. No Kevin Costner in this project, sorry.  Instead of a tattoo map on the back of a girl, the star is a boy with "Eat My Bubbles" written with a Costco Sharpie in large font on both legs, his back, and his stomach. 

Project Waterworld is new, but I do have permission to break the story here.  The city is in negotiations to buy the old school on Chamblee Dunwoody Road.  Here WE will build a community swimming pool (Olympic size), a few kiddie pools, and perhaps some of those irritating fountain things like they have at the Olympic Park (similar to the failed fountain project for the Nature Center).  We will then establish the Swim Association of Dunwoody (aka SAD).  SAD will be a new swim league, including all swim teams from Dunwoody.  We'll even let The Branches and DCC join, since Dunwoody residents use Sandy Springs facilities for nearly every other youth activity know to Man.

John Wieland Homes will build the pool and some age-restricted condos poolside. We'll bring in a bunch of life guards (with minimal English speaking skills) from eastern Europe and put them up, about eight per unit, in some apartments over at Dunwoody Crossing. The city prefers to hire its employees from outside of Dunwoody so the guys and gals from Ukraine and Bulgaria are welcome to join us.

Side Note:  A 'Food Desert' is a new term to describe a place where private businesses have decided to not invest shareholder funds to build grocery stores.  This decision is based on simple economics, nothing more.  Like the fine folks of sub-Saharan Africa: Live in a desert,.... and you'll most likely always be in need of food and water.  Anyway, a new term for the DunwoodyTalk dictionary (available at Amazon), the Park Desert.  I'm arranging for UNICEF and the United Way to start airing late-night commercials asking for $2 a month to help the children of Dunwoody.  For only $2 a month you can build sports fields in Georgia's largest Park-Desert (save the emails, Brook Run is not a park, it's a land set aside with space reserved for dogs and skaters)

SAD will host all the swim meets Monday through Friday.  Ten teams in the league.  We'll hire the DJ away from DCC and wagering will be permitted.  The city will establish a gambling license to the Dunwoody Womans Club and all bets will be taxed at 5%, with proceeds going toward pool expenses. The pool will have eight lanes and one of those new saltwater filters, and cool diving boards like at Vermack and The Branches.

The city will also create DAD, the Dive Association of Dunwoody. The dive meets will be on the same day as your team's swim meet, but earlier in the day.  Most swim kids can't keep their mouth closed during a dive meet, so the meets need to be an hour apart.

The pool will have a SnackShack, complete with growlers of beer, pasta, lots of sugary candies, and a gift shop with a complete offering of Magic Elves, Threddies, and a cyber lounge for kids to upload images to Instagram.