Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Big night for Dunwoody's top-ranked swim team as Vermack (as predicted) takes care of Hanover West.  This was Vermack's first win over Hanover West in fifteen years.  Short on swimmers due to vacations and a few last-minute illnesses, Vermack capitalizes on many 2nd and 3rd place wins to keep pace with their rival.  Vermack stays atop the local rankings.

Mill Glen wins again, this time over Village Mill.  Perhaps too many strawberries this weekend for the kids at Village Mill.  Mill Glen takes on next-door rival Wynterhall next week. Look for Mill Glen to move to 3-0.  Huntcliff is the only team between Mill Glenn and an undefeated season.

Redfield defeated Wynterhall last night in a nice meet.  As with many of the local rivalries, half the fun is seeing friends and neighbors poolside, cheering on the kids. The kids see kids they have not seen in a while; maybe a friend from a few years ago at Dunwoody Prep or somewhere else, long separated by different schools and different friend sects.  The Redfield/Wynterhall match-up is a meet with many close families getting together on a Tuesday night.  Wynterhall has a tough schedule this year but the kids are having fun. Redfield served 734 pounds of pasta last night to hungry kids, and only 215 pounds were spilled on the lawn.

The Branches defeated Dunwoody Country Club in a tight race.  Next week Dunwoody CC hosts Redfield.  The Sun Devils will have their hands full at this meet.  Dads will have their Club account number at the ready, keeping the food and refreshments flowing.  Dunwoody CC has a tough schedule this year as well.  They finish the year against top-ranked Vermack. Vermack faces a tough Chastain team next week, but with a large block of vacations out of the way Vermack looks to win again.

The way it works (schedules) is teams are ranked at the end of each year (no, not the DuunwoodyTalk rankings, but rankings based on something real).  Teams then compete the following year against teams close to their ranking, usually within +5 or -5 of your ranking. So if your team is ranked 6th in the division this year, you will swim against teams ranked 1 through 11 next year.

Dunwoody North wins again, with a 100+ point victory.  Dunwoody North still has to face Georgetown this season.

Find those goggles and swim caps, wash the towels (oh, an alert reader tells us sunscreen lotion removes Sharpie marks) and get ready for next week.

Dive meets are tonight.

Week 2 Rankings
1.  Vermack
2.  Georgetown
3.  The Branches
4.  Mill Glen
5.  Dunwoody North

390AlpharettaatBrookwood Hills 406
448Huntley HillsatDeerbrooke Waters327
297Deerfield SLatGainsborough463
377Brittany ClubatGeorgetown418
447Dunwoody NorthatHampton Hall-S345
412VermackatHanover West 378
337Village MillatMill Glen446
495Garden HillsatRoxboro284
367Dunwoody CCatThe Branches419
430HuntcliffatZaban Sharks345