Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Night for Dunwoody

There are events during the year that stick with us, and last night was one of them. Thousands of people, all bonding behind a single issue, come together. Lots of time and money involved. Tough decisions to be made. People going on the record, people struggling to finish a job started. Parents and kids involved. And it's a race against not only the clock, but against friends and neighbors:

Welcome to Swim Season 2012. Who swims the IM? What kid will be in lane 3 of the first relay? How many hamburgers do we cook? Do we have fresh batteries in the stop watches? Where is the bullpen parent? Why did your kid go to the playground and miss his relay? Why is my swimmer in race 19 then not in the pool again until race 79?

Yes, it's time to dedicate the next few Tuesdays to the swim meet. Last night some local teams had their swim caps pulled over their eyes then received a royal dunking.

Blowout of the night was Mill Glen taking down Deerfield by a 349 point margin, winning 557 to 208. Mill Glenn should float to victory next week as well against Village Mill. Expect Mill Glen to go 4-1, losing only to Huntcliff this season. Mill Glen is a decent place for a swim meet. Lots of deck space and a very efficient concession stand.  As with all local swim pools, parking is at a premium, Expect to do some walking if you arrive after 4:20.

In another lopsided meet Vermack defeated Redfield by 317 points.  Vermack is a well-oiled swimming machine.  Vermack, to put in high school sports terms, is a AAAAA team, competing against some of the biggest and best swim teams in the area. Vermack has a nice trophy room (with a touch of class via IKEA) and looks to add to their hardware collection this season. Concessions at Vermack are decent. Fair price of $1 for bottled water and juicy cheeseburgers at $4. Get their early for parking and keep the kids clear of the creek. Vermack keeps things lively by bringing in a West Coast DJ for their home meets, pumping out hits from everything from Fleetwood Mac to Fergie.

Vermack has a tougher schedule later in the season facing Dunwoody Country Club in addition to Roxboro.

Next week Redfield looks to rebound with a home meet against Wynterhall. Wynterhall beat Zaban by 310 this week. Last season Redfield easily defeated next-door rival Wynterhall by 200 points, but this year's meet will be closer. Redfield by 50 is the current line at Cherokee Casino in NC.   Redfield is known for their concession stand pasta. Kids eat up this highly profitable menu item by the bucket load. Redfield usually has the largest candy selection so make sure to bring lots of money. Redfield also has a decent playground for the kids to use. It's right near the pool (Vermack's playground is across the moat).

Dunwoody North was handed a tough loss in its season opener, going down by 81 at Brittany Club. Brittany Club is down by Oglethorpe and a nice place for a meet. They have a great swim team as Dunwoody North can tell you. Next week Dunwoody North faces another tough opponent in Hampton Hall South.

Georgetown made easy work of Village Mill's swim team this week. Georgetown has a big meet in two weeks against crosstown rival Dunwoody North. No chatter of Project Renaissance at this upcoming meet - it's all about the kids.

After week 1, DunwoodyTalk ranks the top Dunwoody swim teams:

Best place for a swim meet in Dunwoody? I vote for The Branches. They have six lanes, large deck, ample restrooms, and great food/drinks.  After the swim meet lots of people heading to Village Burger. So keep your lineup tight and keep the referee on track and get those meets over by 9:15 and head to the VB next Tuesday night.

Until then, go buy new goggles (because your kid lost them last night) and scrub off those Sharpie marks.