Monday, April 23, 2012

Dunwoody Lemonade Days Earns A+

It may be a record-setting year for attendance and fund-raising for Lemonade Days this year.  Blessed with nice weather, fun rides, and a supportive community, the Dunwoody Preservation Trust puts on yet another excellent show.
scene early Friday.  By 9 PM the midway was packed

The goods news is that the proceeds will go toward improvements to one of Dunwoody's previously-neglected historic sites, the Donaldson-Bannister farm site located at Chamblee Dunwoody Rd and Vermack.

Friday night was, as predicted, middle school night (and some high schools kids). The area down by the Starship 2000 was tween central.  Aside form the occasional line cutting and break-dance danceoff challenges, the kids were behaving for the most part. Ozone and Turbo were not present, but some kids from the 30338 did their best.

With a dicey forecast for Saturday and Sunday, everyone showed up Friday night.  Even the annoying kids with skateboards were there.  Side Note: We have a skate park at Brook Run. No need for kids to skateboard up and down the main park road and no need to endanger others with your 'talents' inside the carnival area.

It will be hard to top this next year, but the fine volunteers who put on this event will give it their best.  Only one change I'd make is moving the music tent closer to the center.
a few of the local celebrities at Lemonade Days

I saw Arts Festival Lady at Brook Run enjoying Lemonade Days.  She is anxious to showcase the Dunwoody Arts Festival next month.  This annual event is held on Main Street, from Mellow Mushroom down to Burger King.

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