Monday, April 9, 2012

Dunwoody High School Projects to be Completed

Update:  Peachtree Charter Middle School WILL get a new track very soon, Dunwoody Talk staffers have learned.


On Monday night (April 9th) the DeKalb School Board presented a plan to complete all of SPLOST 3 projects that were not completed before the expiration of SPLOST 3.

SPLOST 3 timeline overlaps with starting of SPLOST 4 projects, meaning SPLOST 3 stuff will commence now and into 2013, concurrent with new SPLOST 4 projects.

Montgomery Elementary School will get its new HVAC  in 2013.

The Board also said all seven new elementary schools (including a new Austin) will be built to a 'standard' design, meaning all seven will be the same.  Of course this saves money on design fees, but I am not sure if all elementary schools should be the same.  Will a new Fernbank elementary be the same as a new Smoke Rise elementary?  I really doubt it.

The final projects at Dunwoody will be completed (floors, parking lot, etc.), according to a district representative, when questioned by Nancy Jester. But board member Edler questioned if the final Dunwoody items were part of SPLOST 3 or add-ons later.

No update on the demo on Chamblee, but a district representative said workers were assembling to do the job.

Edler then went on to ask if the apartments being demolished at Chamblee High School was "an extra little something" for the local residents, insinuating that people in Chamblee wanted to rid themselves of the apartment residents.  Mr. Gene Walker did not take the bait said no, we (the school system) needed more space there.  Good job, Mr. Walker.

Mr. Walker continued on a roll stating, "The promises we made in SPLOST 3 will be met."

Then Mr. Walker strayed course a bit and suggested he knows, 'a little bit about bonds', and suggests the school system get a bond on future tax earnings instead of paying as we go for future projects.

Mr. Womack discussed international finance and mentioned Greece and bonds, then said he agrees with superintendent for pay-as-you-go for SPLOST projects.

Jay Cunningham weighed in a swell, saying he was torn between bonds and paying-as-you-go.

Sarah Coplin Woods spoke for awhile but I'm not sure what she said for the most part, but she did say she is working for the children.  Bless her heart.

Looks like the school board cash will be $33 million short compared to last year.

Nancy Jester asked a few finance questions, specifically she asked why legal was 88% over budget, transportation salary over 90+%, and electricity is over $4 million over budget.

Jester finished up by asking for details of expenses per student at the various charter schools (a breakdown school by school).  Superintendent Atkinson chimed in that she had population figures, but no dollar amounts.


John Heneghan said...

Don't miss the DCPC Meeting on Wednesday, 9 am at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

Dr. Cheryl Atkinson provides an "Update" on April 11th at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

DunwoodyTalk said...

Yes John, expect the superintendent to bring the good news about the track replacement while speaking at PCMS, Just act surprised when she announces it - the polite thing to do