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GA SB 458

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March 27, 2012
I am embarrassed, but not surprised.

It is my fault for not suspecting it sooner: In addition to the illegal alien lobbyist crazies at the race-baiting GALEO and the ACLU, the word is that the powerful Georgia Chamber of Commerce has been quietly fighting to stop a House vote on SB 458. I am embarrassed that I didn't get it sooner.

It makes sense. Working alongside the ACLU et al, the Chamber of Commerce lobby, along with the Ag industry lobbyists were the real enemies last year on HB 87 - but then they were bold enough to testify in committee against the bill. This year, having learned their lesson on public exposure and getting beat by the voice of We The People, they have apparently simply slithered into the Capitol and used their power in the shadows.

WHY would the Chamber oppose SB 458? Because they know that if the language contained in it becomes law even more illegal aliens will leave Georgia and their members will lose the cheaper taxpayer-subsidized, black-market labor they employ while Americans and real immigrants stand in the unemployment line. $They do it for the money$.

The most important part of SB 458 is not the post secondary education (getting illegal aliens out of our public university system), it is the remedies for some problems in current law and stopping the acceptance of undocumented foreign passports that illegal aliens obtain after they escaped capture at our borders and made it to Georgia.

Keep calling please!

Below, I offer an advanced education on some of the language in SB 458 - which could be added to other bills ...

POINTS for SB 458
Current law requires agencies that administer public benefits (including the Sec of State office) to collect proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status each time an individual applies for a public benefit, including renewal of that benefit. While non-citizens legal presence and benefit eligibility can change due to visa expiration or immigration law violation, for the most part, U.S. citizenship status does not change. U.S. citizens should only have to prove that status one time in any one agency. Making this correction will reduce agencies benefits workload by about 80%. Aliens should continue to be required to prove eligibility each time they apply.
SB 458 language remedies that problem.
The AG's office has excluded even domestic birth certificates from the list of acceptable ID documents. Right now, literally all drivers license and marriage license issuing agencies in Georgia are in violation of existing law because they logically accept birth certificates to issue their licenses.
Additional SB 458 language remedies that problem
The AG's office has made foreign passports secure and verifiable ID - but not required that those passports have federal documents attached proving lawful entry into the U.S. Illegal aliens, having escaped capture at the border, simply go to their respective consulates in the US and then get a passport. An "undocumented passport." This completely nullifies the intent and effect of banning the acceptance of the dangerous matricula consular and other consulate IDs last year in HB 87. Taking away the ability of illegal aliens to present accepted ID is second only to taking away their employment in encouraging them to migrate out of Georgia.
SB 458 language remedies that problem.
Contrary to the intentional falsehoods  presented by the ACLU - and unchallenged by the media, according to federal law of 1940, there are no circumstances under which an adult non-citizen (alien) present in the USA is not required to have proof of legal presence on his person. There are nations for which the federal government waives the visa requirement to enter the US, but even then, there is a document issued and stamped (I-94W) and attached to the alien's stamped passport demonstrating lawful entry and date of required departure.
Please keep calling and emailing! Your work is making a lot of people very nervous in the Capitol in an election year.

PS: Despite his campaign promise , the Governor has remained silent on SB 458. Promise officially broken.
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