Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thanks Channel 2

I want to thank Channel 2 for not allowing me to hear negative comments about a young man's alleged sexual preference.  Instead, I am allowed to view a few dozen punches and kicks by three people at an apparently defenseless person.  Listen to the audio at the 54 second mark where the reporter tells us how Channel 2 bleeps out the derogatory words uttered during the attack "so we would not be disturbed" by the words. Yep, I was not at all disturbed by any language in the video. 

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Sight Edman said...

I had the same reaction. You can SHOW damn near anything, except certain parts of a perfectly fine human anatomy, but especially violence and gore. But words...an increasing number of those are simply off limits.

As a teen, the victim has no second amendment rights, but at any age don't the perps retain their first amendment rights? ACLU should be all over this media censorship.

Strange world we live in.