Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strangers and Pizza Dough

First, many of you have read stories about a man in a van riding through a Dunwoody neighborhood.  I became aware of this first from The Aha Connection.  I suppose if I had Twitter on my mobile device I'd known sooner.

It looks like our local neighborhoods are not using E-verify for those out for a leisurely drive on President's Day.  And perhaps HB87 has not taken hold as well as some had hoped.

As a parent it is quite disheartening to read such a story.  But it's a story that needs told.  So, do you still let your kid walk to Moe's on Saturday?  Do you have your kid carry pepper spray or a can of wasp spray to walk to the Village?  I think it's important for kids to not walk alone when on the main streets and to be aware of their surroundings.  But what about your small residential streets?  It seems as the young girl approached (allegedly) yesterday did the right thing.  Would your kid approach a car if a decent looking person called them over for directions?  Something to consider.

On other important issues in Dunwoody, Publix had a buy-one, get-one sale on fresh dough.  Of course I picked up four for some home activities.

Activity 1 involved making pizza.  First step was to knead the dough and form into a circle.

One of our pizza was not quite round, but the taste was great.  Below is the pizza I rolled.  Half is pepperoni and hot peppers (peppers I grew at home then froze for use on occasions like this) and half pepper and black olive (not the half I ate). Baked on a nice pizza stone I acquired some time back.
not round, but tasty
The 9 year-old made a nicer looking pizza

Tired of pizza, we rolled out the dough and made pretzels.  Simply roll the dough, coat with secret ingredient (one egg beat with Tablespoon of water), add some sea salt, and bake 15 minutes at 425 F.

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Adam Freedman said...

I bet the salvador dali pizza with the hot peppers was good.