Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Don Converse said...

I always thought you looked a little like big Al. Keep up the good work. Home school or private school, the only way to go if you really care about your kid's education.

Bob Fiscella said...

I disagree. If you really care about your kid's education, as a parent, you will get involved. Public, private or home school, it's all about parent involvement!

Sight Edman said...

We home schooled 4th-12th because the public school was inadequate. Suspect it still is. Worked for us. Don't recommend it.

Parental "involvement" is a blade that cuts both ways. Wife's friends in Iowa, where she taught, say education would be dramatically improved if the kids were all orphans. Daughter teaches university math. Parents no longer email/call her to get leniency for their children. They email/call the dean. Want to bet they were "involved" parents when the little nippers were in K-12?

Bob Fiscella said...

Sight Edman,
Parent Involvement shouldn't be confused with Parent Complaining. It's easy to complain - much harder to sit down with your child and help with math problems!

Sight Edman said...

True enough. The problem if you're fairly well educated, and many in Dunwoody are, is that you will find out how ignorant teachers have become, what a sham (shame?) the textbooks and course material are, and if you choose to keep your kids in public school, and you want them to know on half of the material in the E.D. Hirsch series, they'll be doing double work. Or more.

If on the other hand you subscribe to the "Making Public Schools Work for You[r Child], you will probably become one of the increasing number of parents insisting that schools/principals/teachers "do their job". Which loosely translates into "my kid needs a spotless GPA, so do what you have to do to see that she has one".

When we have increasing numbers of parents calling professors and department heads at our flagship university because they are "concerned about how their child is doing in [fill in the blank]", then we have too few of the former and way too many of the latter. I have only second hand anecdotal information, but we seem headed in the wrong direction. And we are accelerating.