Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dunwoody Beverage

A few weeks ago a new liquor/bottle shop opened here in Dunwoody.  It is located behind Village Burger, beside the Mexican restaurant.  It's the official new beer supplier to the DunwoodyTalk staff.  It's closer than 'Total Beer and Wine' down by Perimeter Mall, and has a better selection and better prices (for what I buy) than Publix.  I highly suggest you check out Dunwoody Beverage this weekend.
wide aisles, bright lights, clean floor
great selection of beers, wines, whiskey, etc.
owner operator, nice guy

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Special Edition "15" from SweetWater
The Dunwoody Beer Cave for the local spelunkers

Wakefield Wine (Australian) a great choice
My new favorite
Old Reliable, $13.50 a 12-pack at Dunwoody Beverage compared to $18 at local grocery store
Allagash Brewing Company produces some great beers.  I'd like to see a local bar put Allagash Blond or Allasgash Other Brother Darryl on draft.  A favorite Belgium bar is out on the Main Line (Wayne, PA), Teresa's. If you visit I suggest an Allagash draft and the Bunny Bites appetizer (yeah, it's really rabbit meat, good stuff).

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