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Clorox, Is There Another Contest?

From 1 Kings 20:

Then Ben-Hadad sent to him and said, "The gods do so to me, and more also, if enough dust is left of Samaria for a handful for each of the people who follow me." So the king of Israel answered and said, "Tell him, 'Let not the one who puts on his armor boast like the one who takes it off.'"  
The King of Israel Leading a Slaughter in Syria

Or, for those not familiar with King Ahab, to put in more modern phrase, "Don't Count Your Chickens Before they Hatch."

Remember the Clorox contest for a new track? Maybe we can trade China Spring Elementary a new track for a FarmHouse or something?

Remember that new track this summer for Peachtree Charter Middle School?  Hopefully no one scheduled a track meet for there for this fall.  Looks like that new track won't be built after all.  

Due to 'mistakes in management of sales tax dollars' (aka fraud, stupidity, cronyism, or all of the above)  the DeKalb school system may abandon 35 promises made projects.  

Read here at the AJC for part of the story. Of course some of the abandoned projects will be in Dunwoody, including the Dunwoody High School renovation (that was never completed correctly and is riddled with design flaws and inferior work, but hey, the lowest bidder won the bid) and the Peachtree Middle School track.

From the December 6, 2011 Dunwoody Crier:
“I am excited beyond belief,” said Holmes. “I couldn’t believe it would actually happen.  It’s nice to know when you work hard on something, it can make a difference.”
Welcome to DeKalb County Schools - Where Mistakes in Management of Sales Tax Dollars Destroy the Dreams of Students and Parents Alike - an equal opportunity dream destroyer™

Also from The Crier, an article that praised Senator Fran Millar for securing the funds for the track: 
Millar said that Atkinson went back over the budget and apparently found that some cost savings from lowered construction costs on other projects—enough to fund several tracks, including Peachtree Middle. 
“I was very pleased when I went to the superintendent to explain that this track is a real problem and that we need to do things for students throughout the county, she was very responsive,” said Millar.
A new asphalt track should be installed before the end of the school year. According to Millar, the top two inches of the existing track will be removed, along with the intruding tree roots.  Once the subsurface has been prepared and graded, a new topcoat of asphalt with lane striping and lettering will be installed.
Oh well, easy come, easy go, right?

And remember all those suckers voters and politicians who pimped for SPLOST IV because SPLOST III funds were spent so wisely?  What a load of garbage it was when the school system was using internal funds to get votes for SPLOST.

How many times will voters and politicians fall for the total lies and mismanagement of our school system?  Reduce the board to seven or five, increase it to thirty-three members and you'll get the same result.  Garbage in is garbage out. At some point in time north DeKalb needs to save up all political favors and get us out of this mess known as the DeKalb School System.  Forget about cities, road paving, and everything else.  We need out of this mess. 

So we have a $41 million dollar shortfall from the last five-year SPLOST.  Do we use funds from the current budget to keep those promises from five years ago? Or, do we forget about them and focus on the new SPLOST? If something was important enough to be in SPLOST III, would it not be even more important now, ahead of SPLOST IV projects?

I'll give the superintendent some credit here - at least she is putting all this out to DeKalb residents.  In the past 'mistakes in management' were ignored, swept under the rug, and or encouraged.  Again, take your pick from any of the above.

I really hope the superintendent takes this opportunity to fire the person(s) responsible for this mess. Turk and Coleman are gone, and perhaps a few more will be soon.  Superintendent Atkinson showed many how to handle a situation.

So we'll soon know (next week) what projects are abandoned.  There is still a chance for the PCMS track to be built, but don't count your backyard chickens before they hatch.

Remember the SPLOST vote last November?   HERE is a piece I wrote for the AJC.

Here's an idea:  Our state General Assembly needs to legislate a one year break in between SPLOSTS.  This way voters can evaluate the prior SPLOST, and the books get balanced from that same SPLOST.

School Board Stays at Nine Members

In other news, looks like the DeKalb School Board will stay at nine members.  Senator Fran Millar 
saved Mike from Ashford from getting outfoxed by Gene by getting SB 412 passed. See HERE for details.  Good job, Fran.  Of course SB79 never should have been passed in the first place, but that's another story. The Superintendent gets to continue working with nine of DeKalb's finest folks. 

Look for a new 9 district school board member map tomorrow.  DunwoodyTalk staffers should have it first, maybe even before Patch!

Now that we will keep a 9 member school board in DeKalb (the House should pass SB 412 without much hassle) I can get back to that soap opera trial over in Decatur.  Look for a made-for-TV movie on the Hemy / Andrea case on NBC during the November Sweeps.  Rumor has it Hollywood directors are already casting roles for the drama.   (שרי גבעתי) Sarai Givaty will be the lead female actress.

Dunwoody Murder Case
Just a bit on the Dunwoody murder case.  I have written two posts on the trial but have decided not to post either one.  It's such a sad case for the children and parents of Rusty S.  It's one of those things that should make many of us thankful for what we have in life.

The Dunwoody murder case is big news in metro Atlanta and around the country.
see the '#1 'trending now' on top right

Probably not what the Dunwoody CVB envisioned when they launched their Girlfriend Getaway campaign, but as PT Barnum may have said, "No such thing as bad publicity", right?  Doubtful.

But rest assured Dunwoody will overcome, or as my French friends would say, "Succès de scandale".

People as far away as Sandy Springs and east Cobb are watching the trial online.

Dunwoody Prep is now the most famous independent daycare in all of Georgia, and perhaps the USA.  My kids went there and received quality daycare.  Ms. Jane is a nice lady and I hope her business is prosperous.  If you have a kid you need to farm out while you work, give Dunwoody Prep a look. 

So far it looks like Dunwoody Police (and whomever provided assistance on the case as I think Sandy Springs police, DeKalb, and maybe the State assisted) have done an excellent job on the case.  I'm sure the department has put in hundreds of hours in the case, and it will be good to get those resources back in Dunwoody, continuing to work for the taxpayers.

Like most in Dunwoody I'll be glad when the trial ends and we can resume our normal schedules.  I'd rather post about the upcoming growing season, zoning, old chimneys, dunk tanks, the Dunwoody Arts Festival, Lemonade Days, school redistricting, and other joyous events of Dunwoody.

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