Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AirTran Go Magazine

The Friday before the election I caught a red-eye flight from Phoenix, AZ to Atlanta, GA.  Prior to nodding off for a couple of hours I flipped through the inflight magazine. You can see an online version HERE and there is a place to download the issue.
Dunwoody CVB advertisement

This month's issue has a special advertising section on Atlanta.  Our own CVB has a 1/4 page ad and the PCID has a full page ad plus two pages of text.  Pick up the free electronic issue and check it out. If you want my hard copy let me know before the men in the yellow and white truck show up to take away the contents of my blue tub.

There is an informative piece on page 30 by a guy named Frank Ski.  He informs readers of the ATL's "hottest hip-hop haunts to show you where to ball with the best of them".  Spoiler Alert:  The Dunwoody Tavern did not make the list.