Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garden Harvest

Here's a photo of items picked from the home garden this evening:

We have a few different tomato varieties growing this year.  One is a real dark.  I think it is the Black from Tula, but I'm not sure. They look strange but the taste is okay.  Note: Kids prefer red tomatoes but adults will like these.

One of the tomato plants produces orange tomatoes (not red).  See note above.  Next week looks pretty good for tomatoes.  Should be hauling in a few each day.

Cucumbers are great to grow at home, on a trellis.  We pick about 10 or so a week from one or two plants. As are tomatoes, home-grown cukes are great tasting.

I planted way too many pepper plants this year.  Some were purchased from the Dunwoody Community Garden plant sale, others I don't recall their origin.  Including the bed at Brook Run I have probably 20 pepper plants.  I have jalapeƱo, chili, Habanero, sweet banana, and a special bhut jolokia plant closely guarded.

No way can I safely consume all these peppers, so I freeze the peppers.  First, you wash the peppers, dry them, then cut open and remove the seeds.  Normally I would then dry the peppers and vacuum seal them for fall/winter use.  But Rod at the garden told me to first blacken the peppers to lock in the flavor/hotness.  I could not find reference to this technique online, so maybe it's a well-guarded secret.  Rod seems to know his stuff, so I fried a bunch of peppers on a hot plate then vacuum sealed prior to freezing.
don't take a deep breath when performing this task.  Your throat will burn intensely until a couple swigs of  Jameson Irish whiskey rolls down it.  Keep the area well ventilated.
The FoodSaver, a great item for freezing peppers (and filets from Costco)

vacuum sealed peppers, placed in deep freeze for later use

My kids keep draining the battery on the Flip video device so yet another delay in making a video on how to prepare Dunwoody's best salsa.  There is no official salsa contest (there is a chili cook-off at Brook Run this fall, see you there) so I'll claim the title until proven otherwise. 

AYP scores are out.  Dunwoody School Daze blog has a post about the scores. I'm sure the comments will heat up as much as a Habanero pepper.