Saturday, July 9, 2011

PCID Removes Jobs to Housing Ratio from Report

Prior to the incorporation of the City of Dunwoody, developers, DeKalb County, and the PCID took advantage of zoning loopholes and slammed the DeKalb section of the PCID with apartments while the Fulton County (Sandy Springs) grabbed new business tenants.  My vision is for the DeKalb section of the PCID to receive new businesses only - we have enough apartments on the books.  If the PCID wants more multi-family housing, let Sandy Springs have it.  We need jobs in Dunwoody, not apartments.  

A couple of weeks ago I posted information regarding the MARTA Villages planned for Dunwoody and Sandy Springs.  At the Dunwoody Council meeting two weeks ago, where the PCID plan was briefly discussed, at least one council member mentioned he did not like Jobs to Apartment mix suggested by the PCID.  He attempted to negotiate a better (I suppose better is the word) ratio.  The suggestion was lower than the current 9.25 but higher than the proposed 6.3 in 15 years.

I have an idea for council - how about insisting the PCID KEEP it at the 9.25?

The PCID has taken a different approach.  They've decided to take the Jobs/Apartment ratio out of their LCI update.  Brilliant. 

By taking out the jobs/apartments ratio, the PCID has achieved its ultimate goal - to plan for more and more and more multifamily apartments for Dunwoody and Sandy Springs.  High density is the name of the game.  So one or two on council suggest a ratio closer to 9.25  than 5.06 so they have some campaign fodder? We have candidates announced for council and mayor, and some up for re-election.  Ask them to ask the PCID to put the jobs/apartments section back in the LCI document and set it at 9.25 going forward (okay, perhaps an '8' will do).  Watch PCID laugh and pull the marionette's strings tighter.

I can support some funding for parks and land acquisitions, but will not support higher density at Perimeter.

The city may have final say on zoning changes, but documents like the LCI and the city's Comprehensive Land Use Plan have meaning.  they serve as reference points.  Sign off (approve) the PCID's LCI document now and pay later.

You can see the info over at King John's blog here.