Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July 4th Parade in Dunwoody

Did you buy a new flag for Independence Day?
Don’t know what to do with your worn, torn, 
faded or soiled “Old Glory?”
BSA Troop 494 is collecting U.S. flags for a flag retirement ceremony.
Boy Scout Troop 494 at Dunwoody Baptist Church is collecting worn and tired U.S. flags. The troop will take the flags to scout camp at Woodruff Scout Reservation in mid-July and “retire” the colors in a ceremony that honors our nation’s flag with the dignity and respect it is due.
Scouts will collect flags in the Primrose School tent in Dunwoody Village following the Dunwoody Fourth of July Parade. Or, drop them off in the collection box at the Fitness Center at Dunwoody Baptist Church July 1st-2nd or 5th-8th.
Thank you for honoring our nation!

Dunk Tank Update:
11:30 Councilman Thompson
11:40 Farmer Bob
11:50 Councilman Wittenstein
12:00 Nancy Jester
12:10 Councilman Heneghan
12:20 Mayoral Candidate Bob Dallas
12:30 Public Comment Joe
12:40 Mayoral Candidate Mike Davis

One of the best things about Dunwoody is the annual Independence Day parade.  For newcomers to Dunwoody, and those not yet wise on parade viewing, here are a couple of tips:

1.  Bring a cooler of waters (and a bowl if you insist on bringing your dog)
Note:  We all know your dog is the best behaved dog in the city and won't poop or pee where people will be sitting/standing, nor will it bark during the parade, nor will it bark/bite at other dogs or kids, nor will it mind the loud sirens and bands. But consider leaving Fido at home.

2.  Bring folding chairs

3.  Please don't put your chairs in front of other people's chairs, and don't move other people's stuff if they are not there when you arrive.  They will be back before the parade starts.

4.  Bring some cash for the dunk tank.  Local celebrities will be in the tank.  In case I don't make it there, someone please get video of Farmer Bob taking a dip and send it to me.

I'm not sure of the dunk tank schedule, but it starts around 11:30.  Dunkees include Farmer Bob & Nancy Jester so get in line around 10 AM if you want a  crack at one of those two.  Mayoral candidates Mike Davis and Bob Dallas there as well, and I think a couple of council members.

5.  Not a parade day task, but join the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.  Here  It is only $40 a year.  No commitment, join for a year if you'd like.  Also, you can still volunteer for the parade.

6.  Get there early for best seating and parking.  More people walk to the Dunwoody Village for the parade than any other day of the year except the Dunwoody Arts Festival weekend.
good spots for viewing by Mellow Mushroom and Calico Corners

Will a new generation of Dunwoody kids get an opportunity to see Thomas the Train this year?  Thomas normally rested at Tidmouth, but rumor has it he was seen at Knapfords Sheds in January, but more recently at the TeeDee Shed
7.  Here's an informative column to read regarding July 4th