Monday, May 9, 2011

Dunwoody Arts Festival Earns Another A+

I spent a couple hours walking up and down Main Street in Dunwoody this past Sunday, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Dunwoody Arts Festival. Aside from the Independence Day parade, nothing creates more foot and bike traffic to the village (not even the forced 'Walk to Government School', aka WALGS can match it).  Lots of people buying stuff, lots of people just walking around. 
copper tubing with old silver plated serving pieces
a clever artist decorated this building to look like an old, abandoned gas station
a show favorite, upcycled plastic forming a flower
all was safe on Main Street

I'm no art critic, but it seems the majority of stuff on display was small, folk art type stuff, and not a lot of full portrait sized paintings.  maybe these types of shows lend themselves to  cash-and-carry items.
a crafty Spruill volunteer poses as a human with a poster-board head
Red Light
Green Light
my favorite piece of the show, but SOLD by the time I saw it
Shirt of the Day
I used to look forward to beer or funnel cakes at fairs and festivals, but now I'm thinking maybe a croissant tuna melt might taste good a sunny 90 degree day while walking in a crowd. 

I'm sure we will soon hear about local businesses who had lower sales than expected due to the arts festival.  I'm sure some local businesses had lower sales than perhaps last Sunday.  But keep in mind, it was Mother's day, so certain shopping was going to be limited regardless of the arts festival.  The festival brought in thousands of people.  These people were exposed to not only the vendors (some local, some not) but these people saw the local businesses.  I made sure to stop by Ace on Saturday (instead of Home Depot) to buy some gardening products (Ace, you need to reorder the vermiculite bags with the red lettering.  the red lettered bags are larger granules than the blue lettered bags and better for my raised garden beds) and I ate at Subway instead of one of the festival food vendors. 

Lots of things can affect a business' sales, not just restricted traffic for a couple of days.  How about the Super Bowl?  It really hurts retail sales.  Everyone is home watching the game and not shopping.  Surely we can stop that from happening.  Holidays?  Yep, certain holidays slow sales.  Weather,  sporting events, economic factors, many things can affect sales.  Perhaps affected businesses can find a way to lure people from the festival's foot traffic. Village Burger (my favorite place to buy a burger when I am in Da Vil) was very busy Saturday and Sunday.  They had live music, big crowds, etc.  An undisclosed manager from VB told me the weekend was a "win-win" for the locally owned establishment. That's an example of management taking something that may negatively affect your business, and turn it around to the positive. 

Arts Festival Lady seems to have done a nice job with the event.  I drove down Main Street this morning and the place was back to normal; normal in that no one was walking, no one was riding a bike, cars were backed up at the traffic lights, and normal that someone was making a left turn out of Publix and nearly smashing my Honda.  See you next year Arts Festival Lady.