Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dunwoody Mayor and City Council Changes

Many thanks to outgoing Mayor Ken Wright, Councilman Danny Ross, and Councilman Robert Wittenstein.  These three gentlemen have put in a lot of time and effort into our city the past three years.  If you see one of them out and about be sure to give them your thanks.

How will those who have regularly followed local politics remember these three?

Danny Ross:  I'll always remember Danny for his creative videos.  He had one final video at his last meeting.  Danny will also be remembered for his fight to stay with DeKalb 911 and for his efforts to bring the GA Music Hall of Fame to Dunwoody. I recall Danny first discussing the need for an economic development position in the city, something we now have thanks to his efforts. Danny is very dedicated to preserving the history of Dunwoody.  Perhaps he'll be named as an honorary historian of Dunwoody.

Robert Wittenstein:  Of all the council members I'd say Robert, in most cases, did the most thorough job of researching an issue.  He'd look at something from all angles and out loud, talk things through to make sure his fellow council members and the residents understood something.

Ken Wright:  Ken always attempted to get a consensus on council, bringing together east and west, and north and south.  He was always fair and up-front on every issue.  No sneaky agendas, no groups he was trying to please.  He was a great first mayor of Dunwoody.  With two young children and a business to manage, Ken wore three or four hats the past several years.  He remained dedicated to the city until the very end and deserves the appreciation of Dunwoody residents.

Three new faces take positions in January and I expect little change in day to day city operations at first.  As the new members get comfortable in their new roles and acclimate themselves to being a public figure I think we'll see some good things being done in Dunwoody.  I hope the three new members do a great job on council - they have some tough acts to follow.

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