Monday, December 12, 2011

Dunwoody CVB Budget 2012

The council will vote tonight on the new CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) budget.  In summary, our city chose to have a CVB, so we have a CVB.  A hotel tax  is in place for every hotel room booked in Dunwoody (five hotels).  That tax money is split between the city's bank account (approx $1 million a year) and the Dunwoody Convention and Visitors Bureau.  A goal of the tax (and of the CVB) is to promote Dunwoody attractions so more people visit Dunwoody. 

Advertising is one known way to promote a product.  most companies advertise their products (Coca Cola, UPS, Mellow Mushroom, Chia pet, etc.)  Cities also promote themselves.  New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, Dunwoody, Chamblee, Smyrna, all of them.  Most cities have a CVB.  In summary, a CVB is an extension of a local government, trying to attract more tax dollars so it can remain in existence, and even grow its footprint.  Tax dollars and politicians created the CVB, and it needs both to continue.

Prior to a City of Dunwoody CVB, who did the promotion (and who received the tax dollars) for Dunwoody?  It was the DeKalb County DCVB. Our hotels no longer pay the room tax to the DeKalb DCVB, thus when you look at that site's suggestions for hotels in north DeKalb and Perimeter Mall area, they neglect to mention Dunwoody's five hotels.  Perhaps our CVB should replace the rotating image of Stone Mountain with a photo of something here in Dunwoody.

Private business are ultimately responsible for promoting themselves - it's not the role of government to promote privately owned hotels and restaurants.   The State of Georgia has specific language on how a CVB has to operate.  I think many are of the opinion that we have a CVB because we can. If do not have a CVB, then the hotel tax goes to DeKalb instead of Dunwoody. 

Major changes for the CVB include a move to a new location at the fancy address of Two Ravinia Drive.  Rent increases from $1,629 a month to $3,258 a month.  Should the CVB be down in the business district or in da' Vill or Georgetown?

The largest monthly expenses for the CVB include $15,000 a month for advertising, $40,000 a year in graphic design, and $5,000 a month for their web site.  I think the goal of the web site is to promote local shopping, hotels, and events.

Using Mozilla Firefox browser and Google search engine, a Dunwoody Talk intern did a Smart search on some local things.  Each search was prefaced with "Dunwoody GA" or "Dunwoody"
Items marked with * indicate is was first listing on page 1 of search.  The number in each column indicates how many first page hits were displayed. I'm sure results vary daily.  Different browsers, different search engines, etc.

The newspapers are listed for reference only.  The papers lead when searching local news for Dunwoody.  I suggest the CVB get a Blogger account and have a blog -  a blog that is updated at least three times a week.  Blogs create a lot more front page hits than does Facebook.

Our CVB is here to stay.  I hope they do an excellent job in promoting Dunwoody and its businesses.  I'd rather have a Dunwoody CVB than a much a larger DeKalb CVB promoting our locale.


Joe Seconder said...

Hi Rick,

I hope you're feeling better and all is well with you. Many thanks for the in-depth report on the CVB. It is an interesting and educational read. Keep up the good work!

dpgroupie said...

Egads, whose idea was it to move to a location that doubles the monthly rental fee?
Wonder how many hits their $5,000 website gets?
Glad you're back in business Rick! We missed you!

Dunwoody CVB said...

@dpgroupie I wanted to just clarify something about our recent move. From August 2009 until just over a week ago, the CVBD has leased three cubicles inside another company's office. With the amount of work we are producing, our growing staff, and regular clients meeting, the time came for us to occupy our own office space.

Sight Edman said...

DCVB: We, and by that I mean RESIDENT Taxpayers, not just the "bed heads", have just purchased perfectly fine office space, via our most generous city council, on Shallowford at Peachford that should be available for use for at least a couple of years.

I suggest you move there.

BuildASnowman said...

S the CVB had their Holiday Event and it was catered ............ by a catering group from Kennesaw. Nice job keeping it local, NOT!

At least the city's holiday event was held (today) in Dunwody.